Thursday, June 9, 2011


Ahhhh...the joy of summer!  We've hit some mile-stones this week.....

Suzy learned to ride without training wheels!

I love the contrast in Donovan and Suzy's face.  Dad is very worried about little girlie falling, and honey pie is very proud and beaming with excitement! 

I had to reflect back over the years...and realizing we just taught the last one how to ride bike.  I keep telling myself not to think of "lasts" but with the baby of the family starting school this fall...It's feeling like our life is on fast forward!  How did we get here so fast???

Speaking of school.....

 It's out!  For the summer.  William finished up 1st grade.  He loved school and loves to please.  His teacher was such a good match for him.  This past month he received a student of the month award, and it was a big deal for him.  I'm excited for William that he has such enthusiasm for learning and to excel. 

 Jack finished up 3rd grade....(why does it look like he is pulling away here?)  I'm guessing he is approaching the stage of not liking his picture with his teacher anymore.  Boo!  Too bad.  I got bloggin' to do boy!  Jack also had a teacher that we really appreciated.  She had a great sense of humor and kept Jack interested in learning.  A challenge, since he usually has other things that seem more important.

Here is a shot that cracks me up!!!  As we left the room....Jack got mobbed by his friends that were pretend crying about being separated from each other for the summer.  Ha ha ha.  I don't think Jack quite knew what to do with the all the attention.  But trust me he LOVED it! 

 And then the lady came.  Demanding a hug.  And I'll add here....Not one...but 2 little ladies wanted good bye hugs.  I think he is turning into a "LADIES" man.  Reminds me of his daddy all the way.  He knows how to charm.  Which is why he loved riding the bus all school year....he had "friends" he liked to catch up with and visit with, and receive little gifts from.  He won't admit it...but he does like girls. 

And then Isabella.  My honey.  Mrs. Hawn was such a good match for her too.  We were so blessed in this department of teachers this year.  So thankful!!!  Isabella finished up 5th grade and now moves this fall to Middle School.    I yi yi yi!!  This little lady received the Presidents Award this year.  With a gold pin, certificate signed by her principle and Mr. Obama, and a letter from the White House.  All I know is she get's her smarts from her daddy.  I had nothing to do with that award.

So now we are in full blown summer mode.  For the past few years on the last day of school we make a list of goals for the summer.  Isabella penned this years and this is what's on it.....

1. Pick strawberries.  {If you've ever tried to take toddlers or young children to the strawberry know why I stopped picking several years ago, and ordered them already picked.  So this year...I will attempt to take them out & make them earn their jelly:) }
2. Freeze sheepnose applesauce. {There may have been some dispute [between Isabella, me and Donovan]  about which apples to buy this year....Apparently she sides with me on this variety since she specified the type to will use and underlined it}
3. Go to the dunes.
4. Camp in the backyard.
5. Go the Beach water park.
6. Bike the Pumpkinvine trail.
7. Host an outdoor movie.
8. Go to the 4 H fair.
9. Go to Indy overnight. {Jack's neurologist appointment. They are hoping for overnight vs. a one day trip}
10. Go to the $ theater.

Ahhh....we've just got about 10 weeks to do all of we better get busy.  :) Hope your summer is off to a fun start.  What will you do with all your time? 


Erin said...

Heather-Kirby and I don't have any kids to keep busy this summer but we do have a long list of things we want to do this summer. Which includes hosting several outside movie night the first one coming up in a few weeks. I will post pictures of how ours goes. Enjoy your summer!!!

Lynette Carpenter said...

Love the ideas! Thinking I'm gonna have my kids make a list this afternoon!

Love your blog!