Thursday, May 26, 2011

shadows of the girl she used to be

I don't know where the last month has gone, but it's went fast!  We are nearing the end of school and with that comes school programs.  The 5th graders had their Spring program Tuesday night and it was so awesome.  Their songs and choreography was outstanding! I loved the variety and I loved the songs.  :) So fun!  Most of all I was bursting with pride for the obstacles my oldest daughter has overcome.

 Picture quality is bad...I know BUT if you look really close in the above picture you can see my little 5th grader in the middle in a green shirt.  Isabella had been so excited leading up to this night.  She wanted to practice how she would do her hair (curly) {uncharacteristic for her} and trying on the outfit she was going to wear, etc.  I could tell this was a big deal to this little honey.  She also kept saying "you're gonna love it! I can't wait for you to see it!! and...You are going to be so surprised!"  I wondered what all the hype was about..but when I got there that night I understood...I saw how much work these students had put into the night.  Isabella had so much fun and really enjoyed performing.  I was so surprised.  Most of all I was surprised by her speaking part that was after their first song, which was preformed as a "flash mob"  What? You don't know what that is??? Well pause the sidebar music...and take a little looksie of the video of sweetie pie explaining it.....

Ever since beginning school Isabella has been slowly overcoming her fear of public speaking (even if that speaking is one on one~), fear of being in front of people and overall general breaking out of her shell.  Each year she matures into this lady that is just a shadow of the little girl she once was.  That night we had no idea she had this speaking part.  There were 100's of people in that auditorium that night.  And she did it!  She spoke clearly, and remembered her lines.  All on her own.  In retrospect kinda glad I didn't know she was memorizing a speaking part~I might have hovered/reminded her to slow down be calm, yadda yadda yadda... a tad bit.  Not that I ever do that....Just hypothetically speaking. I had tears of complete pride for very happy for her to overcome this in her life. 

 Can you see her proud little mystery grin here?  Just before she spoke? :) Love it!  The program also included fun songs by Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars, and O-zone.  The O-zone song was choreographed by their music teacher with some 150 students wearing all black clothes with white gloves, and black lighting. Their hand motions glowed!!  It was so tricky & fun!!
 So amazing to watch these people grow.  I love this stage of them, I'm pleasantly surprised how much I love this stage...since I kept having babies because I LOVED the newborn stage SO MUCH.  This new season is just as cool.

 Celebrating her job well done...with s'mores on the patio.

Quote of the day:

Listening to the radio in the van today.....
Suzy's question from the backseat was: "What does it mean His love is free?" ♥


Bobbie said...

WOW~~~ A big middle schooler to be.....where has the time gone????? Thanks for sharing....I have missed these peeks into your life!!!! <3

Lynette Carpenter said...

I'm right there with ya on lovin' this stage of life! Babies were fun, but this is pretty awesome!

Mary said...

Are you completely swollen with pride? It's alright if you are...there are plenty of opportunities with four kids to have your bubble burst regularly. :)

Seriously though. What a joy to see her excelling! God is good to us!

Stacey said...

Such a sweet post Heather. Hugs :)