Monday, April 25, 2011


The week that we were gone on vacation....Isabella only went to school one day that week.  She had chills, headache, stomach ache, and fever.  So Grandma kept her home from school.  So when we got home, the next day I took her in to the Dr.  The Dr. suspected with the way her lymph nodes were swollen, combined with her other symptoms she may have mono, but possible strep.  The Dr. started with the strep test and since that was +~treated her with antibiotic, with instructions to come back if she was not better in 2 days.  The next couple days she ran a fever off an on & still had no energy, sore throat, etc.  She also missed more school.  So on the 3rd day I took her back in, asking if possible it could be mono??  Well the PA (a different one this time) said, "No, it doesn't look like mono"  I think we should switch antibiotics to a stronger one.  This mama had some intuition that after doing some reading up on Web md that it could possibly be strep and mono.  The chances of having both are slim, but possible.  And although I do not have any medical training WHAT SO gut was telling me to have her checked.  Or God.  Or both.  I ignored the "feeling" thinking that I don't want to come across as pushy, or telling her how to do her job.  After all she probably went to school for hmmmm....about 6-8 years, me I had done some internet self training for about 30 minutes???  So all weekend my little 10 year old sat on the couch, not having much energy, not eating much.  Not herself.  We attended Easter services at church and she wasn't "up" to doing much but sit by my side.  Still that afternoon she tried to jump on the trampoline and came in~because she was just so tired.  Hmmm?????  Last night she started with a temp~only 100.7 but too high to go to school today.  So this morning she was up and around and seemed better....but I was tired of her missing so much school with no idea why these antibiotics weren't doing their magic...and why she kept having sore throat, headaches, sore tummy, and off and on fever.  I decided to follow my gut on this one, and made a Dr. appointment.  So count it people 3rd time to the Dr. IN ONE WEEK.  I asked if she could be tested for mono, and just take a lucky guess what the result of the test was???  Yeppers.  I hold no animosity.  I love my Dr. office and classic symptoms of mono were not there for Isabella.  Just some of them and not at all the same times.  I just wanted to write to let you mama's & ladies, maybe some men??  To go with your instincts.  I think we know our children/family members better than anyone.  When we see things that are not the "norm" for them...we should be proactive and getting good answers.  To not feel "dumb" for asking them.  I'm just sayin'  :)  So here we'll sit.  No school until the fever is gone for 24 hours.  Only 1/2 days of school (if fever free) until the Dr. releases her after he sees her in a week, to make sure her white blood count goes down.  No trampoline, no gym class, recess, or other sports for about 6 weeks. :(    My week just changed (again) dramatically from what I was planning this week.  Such is life....right??


My Life said...

Oh sorry to hear about your baby girl....good thing she has a smart mama!!

I am a firm believer in going with your instincts.....if I hadn't gone with mine many times who knows what would of happened. Never forget that.You take good care of your sweetie and I hope she is better soon. =))

Lynette said...

Aww... sorry to hear that! I agree with you though! We know our kids better than anyone.. The longer I am a mother, the more I learn that I am their voice and I shouldn't be afraid to speak up for them! Get well soon, Isabella!

Sharon L said...

Firm believer in instincts and also that these days one has to be your own advocate (ie agressive at times) to obtain quality health care as well as to keep your cost of health care down. Know recovery won't be overnight, but will pray for Isabela's steady improvement.