Friday, April 22, 2011

William Lewis

 Seven years ago....I was under the knife. 
 Having my 3rd c-section. 

 Awww....I remember when I found out (with ultrasound) I was having a 2nd son...I cried.  I wanted a sister for Isabella worse than a brother for Jack.  And now...I see ONCE AGAIN how much better God knew what I needed then I knew myself.  As soon as William was born I was in LOVE.  He was such a content little baby.  I remember putting him down for a nap when we got home our first week together and he would fuss just a little bit until I got to the door, and quietly put himself to sleep. WHAT??? Amazing.

 Isabella was 3, almost 4....and she sure did love being a mama.  It was like a live baby doll for her.  Isabella was eager to please, happy to help.  My transition to 3 was smooth sailing compared to when we brought #2 home.  It seemed like we were always soothing or holding someone who needed attention, two years earlier.  So I was shocked to see my days although busy, easy.....since Isabella entertained Jack while I took care of this little honey.

 Before I knew it we were building a house, living in a basement apartment and celebrating William's 1st birthday.  HOW TIME flew!
 The next year we were settled into our house, I was pregnant with #4 and William turned 2!!  During that phase he loved tractors.
 At 3 William was into monkeys!! 
 At 4 he loved the Cars movie and I did a race track "4" for him.
 Pie for 5. 

Oh my the time William turned 6 we had moved another 3 times.  But were settled in for 4 months. (I'm sinking my roots in here...folks) William was in the middle of his kindergarten year and enjoyed full days of school. 

William Lewis, you are pure joy.  I love how you love people, love to please, and look for ways to be a help to me and others.  I love your enthusasim about life and how  you love to jam and dance.  You crack us UP!
You have a very tender heart towards Jesus, and I love your questions about God, Jesus, and heaven.  You make me think when you ask all your thoughtful questions.
You have been talking about a DSI for over a year, dreaming, making paper DSs' and pretending to play on one for the last few months.  You've worked hard and saved all your birthday money (from last year and this year), Christmas gifts of cash, and allowance....making yourself practice so much discipline to not waste it......and today it was very exciting to go with you to Target and split the cost of one with you.  I wish I would've thought to take a picture of the pride & excitement on your face inside the store.  :)  It's so fun to see you share this exciting toy with your brother and to see all your hard work of saving pay off.
I love you William~you are a gift I treasure every day.  Love, Mom

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