Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I have a job folks.

William's 1st bath

 If you know me at all~you know my love of the newborn stage.  And babies in general.  LOVE LOVE them.  Which may explain why I kept having babies.

 Suzy's first bath~Don't judge the hair...I was just trying to see my natural color. :)

 Ava Noel-just a couple of weeks old
 When my friend Marlys had her baby at New Eden 1.5 years ago~I went to the Birthing Center after Ava was born & spent the night to take care of little honey pie while mama slept.  I LOVED it.  At one point little honey pie wanted some bonding time and I walked the halls with her.  While walking I talked to the nurse on duty (Kelly) and she talked about her job at the birthing center telling me how much she loved it, the people she worked with, the flexible hours, and her overall love of the job.  Telling me how after her kids all got in school she went back to school to get her nursing degree.  I got very inspired that night ~that maybe I should look into school ~ that maybe I could do the same and work somewhere like that.  So that when my youngest was in school that I could have a job that I loved during the day.

While Donovan was very excited when I talked to him about the possibility of me going back to school~I quickly lost motivation & determination. The thought overwhelmed me and I put the idea away.  Little did I know that night back in December 2009 was just a little seed God had planted. 

 My new little nephew at baby dedication~November 2010

So, fast forward to 2 weeks ago when I was talking with a friend that I had just met (our son's were in the same class together at school this past year) & Jamie was telling me about her job.  At New Eden.  Taking care of newborns.  She had my full attention and captivated me.  She explained that she is a Nurses Aide and they train you on the job at the Birthing Center!  Her duties included assisting with the birth if needed, and then taking care of the newborn after the birth.  Checking the vitals of the baby, charting the vitals, doing the footprints, making the baby name bands, and giving the first bath.  Also cleaning up after the birth, sterilizing instruments after the birth, and doing the laundry.

So....after talking to hubby~I applied on Saturday, June 11th.  Waited and prayed.  I was so anxious!!!  Desperately wanting to have something in place when Suzy starts school in August.  Knowing how much of a empty place I will have not having my little pumpkin here with me (after growing used to having just Suzy at home for the last 2 years)  In the fall having NO little ones here to take care of for the first time in 11 years.  Knowing that this will be a new season of having all 4 kids in school.  Wanting a plan~wanting to embrace this new season of my life...but to do so with something to keep me busy.  Thus keeping me from crying the entire day until they get home from school.  And bonus...maybe earn a little cash.  
 Kelby or Kegan??? Not sure which nephew twin was getting a bath

It seems unreal and impossible...and actually I was blown out of the water when 5 days later I got a call from the Nursing Manager and she offered me the job.  Over the phone.  Such a God orchestrated thing!  Did I mention I hadn't had any background in nursing?  And the fact that I hadn't had a job outside of the home in about 10 years???  Thank you Jesus.  So I went in and got all my paperwork done, W4's, and got a TB shot.  Found out I will need to take a CPR class at the hospital, which they will pay for.  I put some dates down for the following week that I could be available to be "on call" and during those times I need to be ready to go into work for training.  If a baby is born, I go in.  I could put any hours down, and I chose to pick hours that Donovan was home in the evenings so that I wouldn't need to get childcare, and could spend this summer with the 4 little ones I love, doing all the fun things that go with summer.  So 2 nights ago, Monday was my first night on call.  And guess what?? I got called!  I went in and trained with an amazing CNA that has done this job for over a year.  She was so patient and sweet.  I loved it.  The nurse on duty that night??? The same nurse I had met 1.5 years before, Kelly!   Overwhelmed just a tad, by all the duty's and charting~but excited for the opportunity to be doing something that I had a passion for.  So this is me....right before I left.....
 My kids were praying with me that week before I knew I got the job, and it was so rewarding to see their child-like faith.   William said, "I just know you'll win the job mom!"  And to see them all whoop and holler when I did get the call giving me a job.  I am amazed at thankful for this opportunity.

My first night had a little more than the normal one birth~So I was there a little longer than the "standard 2-3 hours" but I loved it.  The time went so fast.  I loved doing the first bath.  I loved holding the babies.  It was interesting to stretch my old brain so much.  I learned the procedures, cleaning, and sterilizing instruments, and many many more things.  And then when I got home at 3 a.m. this is what was hanging in the garage....
 Awww...what a welcome home.  So thankful for a supporting husband & family.  And to God for giving me all of this.

So this fall, I hope to switch to days and be gone while my little lovies are gone at school.  Hopefully this is how it will unfold.  For now~I'm enjoying being on call for a couple of days a week doing training until I feel comfortable to be on my own.  Then maybe 1-2 days on call until school starts.  It's a new season for me folks.


Mary said...

I am THRILLED for you girlie!!!! What a blessing. I think it's just incredible that the kids are cheering you on as you anticipate the job and all it will mean. What a neat thing that they can watch you take on a challenge. So much to learn for them in this. Our God is SO GOOD!

Jen Bontrager said...

Sounds like the perfect job for you Heather! Congratulations and have fun taking care of all those "yummy" babies. :)

Lynette Carpenter said...

That's so awesome!

I can totally relate to what you're going through - staying home for 11 years and now all kids in school.

Congrats on the job! I'm happy for you!

Jewel said...

That is soo awesome! I am so happy for you. It's very obvious that this is the perfect job for you. And even better that your hubby & chillins are behind ya 100%!

Marlys said...

I'm so happy you, Heather!! It's the perfect job for you. I'll never forget the night you came to New Eden to take care of my new little honey pie. =) I cannot say enough good things about that place.

And look great in those nursing scrubs. Thanks in advance for not getting the Mickey Mouse ones. ;)

Marlys said...

*for* Perhaps I should read over my comments before I hit reply. Now...sometime I'm going to stop by New Eden so I can see you in action. I'll bring you dinner from Wanna Cup. I remember the "snack room" needed a few more food items. Don't want you to starve my friend.

Chelsea said...

How awesome Heather! God is so good! And how sweet that your kids were praying for this for you! I love it!

cheryl said...

How exciting! Congrats! Sounds like a fun job!

Erin said...

Congratulations, i am so excited for you! It is so awesome to see people do things they are passionate about. Whenever that time comes for babies, I would love to use a birthing center. Maybe you can take care of my little one :) congrats again!