Friday, March 25, 2011

Awkward & Awesome -Volume 2

Yes, Yes, I'm one date late on my Awkward/Awesome Wednesday post.  But I had very important business to take care of yesterday.  As in Target, Meijer, shoe shopping, lunch, & "my van is severely rusting~I need an estimate...stop."  It was an awesome day.   


1. While my oldest is folding laundry she asks, "Mom, why do you have such silky, pretty underwear?  It's not like anyone sees them or says 'Hey, Nice UNDERWEAR.'"

So I respond, "Well actually daddy does."

{Come on she was baiting me!}

Her response was, "Uh, sick!  I don't think I was supposed to know that."  Which was kinda funny & kinda awkward all at the same time.

2.  Seeing a friend has a *burger hanging from her nose.  But you are not sure if is one, (maybe it was really a large piece of lint or something) and how do you say that with someone you don't know super well.  Excuse me, I think you have a burger hanging.  AWKWARD!!  So I didn't say anything.  It seems the longer we talked the more fixated I got on it...and I almost burst out laughing, in the middle of a serious conversation.

*Note* Edit: That was actually a BOOGER hanging from her nose.  Not to be confused with an actual HAMBURGER hanging from one's nose.  Thank you Amber for finding that error on words!  It would be pretty AWKWARD to have any food hanging from your nose.  

3.  So WHOO HOO...Donovan won a trip from work to the Breakers which is totally AWESOME!!!  And when booking a massage for my hubby today, the person taking my call asked if, "Mr. Gingerich has a gender preference on who would give the massage."  To which I said, "I don't think so, either is fine.  Just make sure if it's a she, she's not to good cute."  To which there was silence from the other side of the phone. O.K. Thank you Ms. Breakers. Thank you for making this an awkward moment.  I'm a totally confident wife of 13 years...really I am. {well not if she's 20, cute, and very funny.  Then I'm not so confident.} Just a little laugh will be good & fine. :)

1. William had got a candy treat from school.  It was fun dip.  After finishing the candy stick, but still had powder left he came up with an idea to mix up a little experiment.  Water, fun dip & milk.  When I came into the kitchen I hear him telling his daddy, "You know what, while I'm drinking this creation of mine I feel stronger already."  Awesome!    Milk, it does a body good.

2.  The estimate that came back on my rusty Chevrolet - you know the song right???  (O.k. well it's not a Chevy~but funny I had to google what make it was.  It's a Chrysler van folks.)  And can I just say I love Shapeline Autobody in Elkhart?  They are fair, honest, and friendly.  And one more plug~anyone need a van come December?'s still for sale.

3.  Seeing a bag full of beach towels, goggles, & swimsuits all packed and ready to go into the van.  Beside it?  A bag full of snacks for the 22 hour trip.  Awesome!


My Life said...

Did you mean Booger not Burger? Ha ha ha .....I was laughing out loud on that one. But knowing you and your cute sayings that is probably what you call them!! My imagination took splendor in trying to envison someone with a hamburger hanging from thier nose. Too funny have fun on the trip and takes lots of pictures and post them asap! Get tan for all of us whities. =))

heather said...

HA HA HA HA....Awesome! Another Awkward moment to have a burger or cheeseburger even hanging from your nose. :) HA HA HA. Yes, I mis-wrote that one. Thanks for the shout out. :)

Anonymous said...

So fun to read your stories! I am so happy you get to take all your trips! No really I am! I mean it!Seriously! You know I really am!:) Just have the time of your life and drink lots of fun dip milk! MMMM! Hugs!

Erin Shafer said...

Heather, I LOVE reading your blogs! Such a fun way to keep in touch and to share so many laughs! Love, Erin