Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Awkward & Awesome -Volume 1

My neighbors, daughters, sister (maybe if you say it out loud it will make sense??? ) has this blog & on Thursday's she does an "Awkward and Awesome" segment.  Which I love.  She has some seriously hilarious material. So to be totally original here, I'm going to also do Awkward & Awesome only on WEDNESDAY.  Wow!  Look at me all thinking outside of the box & everything.

So to start this weekly event...I'm starting slow....because I can't think of that many "awkward" moments that my kids won't kill be mad at me for later.  So here we go.  I'll just give you two each.

1. After a very emotional and awesome movie last night Like Dandelion Dust  (look my first addition and I overachieve by putting both into one category) and after the movie raised lots of questions from our kids.  From Jack: "why can't we just adopt a little black boy?" Then after the others were in bed our oldest, Isabella asks "why did you want to have babies/get pregnant instead of adopting?"  I told her I really really was hoping and praying that God would let allow me to be pregnant.  I wanted to know what it was like to carry a baby and nurse. (yes, as in breastfeed, using the word "nurse" so that she didn't actually imagine herself suckling)

Then out of my husbands mouth (who up until this moment was silent) says, "I thought that is what I was for?"

He should have honestly remained silent.  AWKWARD.  Poor thing, my little 10 year old.  We are learning everyday what not to do with the other 3 children by practicing our parenting on her.  
Yes, it's not so easy anymore to talk over their heads.  Her & Jack are almost as tall as us & very very intelligent.  Don't judge, unless you have a 10 yr old or older.  It's tricky. 

2. Usually my husband drops off the kids at school, but one day a couple of weeks ago, I was on duty.  While dropping my boys off at their school my oldest got out & did not shut the van door. Apparently Donovan just conveniently pushes the "close the door button" every time and they scurry off to class.   So me trying to be the funny mom put down the passenger side window and said, "JACK, buddy this isn't daddy's automatic doors don't work~you'll have to shut it" Thinking that would be something funny & interesting (I know sarcastic/weird funny in retrospect)  for the door attendant/school employee to get a kick out of.  So Jack comes back to the van and pushes the button for the automatic door.  Again, telling him...Uh...honey that doesn't work.  ALL THE WHILE THE ENTIRE car pooling~ mom's in their beautiful SUV's and mini van's {with automatic doors that work} wondering what IN THUNDER is taking me so long to pull forward so they can drop their precious children off.  Jack looks at me like I've forgotten to put my head on that morning and could not even fathom shutting the door by hand. (He hasn't been in my van in a long time)  We would've never made it in the 80's.  All the while the door attendant/school employee looking at me, like I had forgotten to have that fixed.  AWKWARD.    (Don't worry I looked into that honey...It's over $450 for one door motor.)  With the other $500 we already put into this van this winter....the door was a no go.  
  Pretty sure that this is God's plan to keep me humble.  On a happier note, with this warm weather the door has been working intermediately.   

On another note this van will be for sale come December when we acquire Donovan's company van.  It really is a great van, really it is.  There is hardly any rust...and uh....wanna a good deal????


1. This: got done yesterday.  

EEEAAAKKKK!!!!  Absolutely love walking into organization!  I would've taken a picture of before...but it was very scary!!  And by the way....I know that looks like a lot of clothes.  It is.  Hello, I am Heather and I have a clothes fetish.  But I cleaned out & sorted and have 2 gigantic shopping bags of things to sell to you.  More details to come on a garage sale this spring. 

2. This weather!  Are you kidding me with a high of 54 degrees today???  I have 4 lines of laundry on the clothesline today.  That is the most awesome of all today. And a high of 62 tomorrow???  I may just get out my swim suit and lay out.


Beth said...

I about spit out my drink whenI read about what Donovan said! Classic! Love your organize closet, and wishing I was at home today to hang out my clothes. Maybe it won't rain tomorrow???

Erin said...

So excited to see that you have started your own Awkward & Awesome moments :) Isn't it fun to write? Thank you so much for the link-up to my blog! Have a wonderful day in the sunshine!!

Dwen said...

You may want to consider ebay for that door motor, if you are sure that is the problem.

Anonymous said...

thanks for bringing several smiles and laughs to my life!!! I love your heart...such a special cousin!!!


Chelsea said...

yay for another awkward/awesome column to read! i actually just decided that I'm going to do one this week too... not sure if I'll do it weekly or just when the mood strikes :). also, how good of deal will that van be? we just might be interested! oh, and please let me know when your garage sale will be... I do love your garage sales! :)

My Life said...

ok....i was cracking up reading this. The van door thing was perfect....mine does the same thing and on numerous occasions this has happened to me. What is funnier is when my automatic windows also don't work....lovely. Try going through the McDonald's drive through or any drive thru for the matter and having to open your door to pay and get the food. UH not cool....Dad has had it on his to do list for a year now. Other things take priority.=) I am totally going to do this too...when you think of how many times awesome and awkward happen in a day and you laugh, cry whatever and then move on. It is funny to really think about it and laugh harder.=)My day will be Monday...lord knows we need something to get the week started. Thanks!!

Grandma Ruby said...

Fun stories come out of moments of truth. You have a great family and a very ornery husband who just can't help his mouth at times. Love the closet organization. Love you too, Aunt Ruby