Saturday, December 18, 2010

pain in my cheeks

 This past Wednesday night our small group went out to The Bonefish Grill for a Christmas dinner. We missed 3 who couldn't make it....but tried to still have fun :)  I love this group so much!
 I wasn't sure who Norm liked hugging more...his wife or....
 Jake???  But I do love Carol's laugh and looking at the left side of this picture you can almost hear that laughter.
 There is Al and his little smirk at the end of the table.  Jason proved to be very difficult as usual when it came to picture taking.  Nothing of him besides the back of his head. If you notice the group picture, he did the same exact thing.  When I want to take a picture he turns.  Sorry Rose, I'm not sure how to get a cute couple  picture, when your other 1/2 keeps messing around.  Maybe I can borrow one of your pics??
 Ed and Julie.  What can I say??? His refusal to cooperate and smile for this just typical.  However he did give Julie and I a great belly laugh when he displayed his new boots up on the table, Donovan noticing his new pants and then him proceding to get a great rise out of us all.
pain in my cheeks from laughing so hard and a great belly laugh.  It made my night complete.  

 Yummy food, sweet friends, and my favorite time of year.  I love you small group.

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Cindy said...

I thought maybe you were referring to pain from sitting too long at a nice restaurant! I guess I had the wrong end of anatomy. :)