Sunday, December 19, 2010

the best-laid plans

Forgot to mention in last nights post, that we had to cancel our plans yesterday to go to Chicago ON THE train, with friends.  A huge disappointment for all of us.  So since everyone was on the mend last night....after all we had went 36 hours with no throwing up.  We booked a hotel for Indy for Sunday night.  Planning to make a day of it, starting with some huge celebrating and going to make a little stop in Ft. Wayne to see a new baby that was born last night.  Our friends and cousins who have waited 14 years to experience the miracle of birth.  After 3 adoptions, Kevin and Sherri have 1 boy and 2 girls, now God has blessed with a new baby boy.  A true God thing!  After going to visit them, we had planned to go to breakfast and then head to Indy.  We had planned to do some fun things there and then the next day going to the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital for Jack's scheduled 6 month Neurology appointment.  However~We have been up with Suzy almost every single hour.  Throwing up.  The rude awakening at 1:00, by vomit noises coming from the upstairs, her sister calling for us.  Cleaning her up, the bedding up, everything, laying in bed wondering what now?  Our bags are all packed, baby gifts waiting by the door, the hotel is booked for tonight.  Hearing the washer click that it's done with one load and thinking I might as well go and start the next load.  Thinking, thinking, thinking.  Only to hear my little one starting the cycle all over in the nest beside my bed.  So we start the bath, to wash the vomit out of her hair once again, Donovan cleaning up the bedding, and almost falling into perfect rhythm at 1:30 a.m.  Him cleaning up the aftermath on carpet and bedding, me cleaning the child.  Yes, ladies and gentleman....only 30 minutes after the first episode.  Getting back to bed at it happening all over at 3:30.  Learning at least ~to put her blonde curly hair in a pony tail so that I don't have to wash her hair once again.  Up again at 5:30 and after that it's a blur.  I quit looking at the clock. She has probably thrown up 10-12 times.  Disappointment has set in, and all though I'm trying to remind myself it could be worse, I'm discouraged.  Wondering what to do.  We really need to have Jack at his appointment and really can't think of anything worse than cleaning puke out of our mini van.  O.k. it could be worse to have a child throw up in a public place on carpet.  That would be worse.  Or maybe at a restaurant on carpet, with lots of people watching and trying to eat their breakfast.  That would totally be worse.

Bless Suzy's heart she has been such a trouper.  For 4 years old she sure has been brave.  No crying.  And even trying to help me clean up her vomit at 1:30 a.m. on our bathroom tile.  Thank you Jesus it was on tile. 


cheryl said...

That stinks! I'm sorry for the disappointment. Twice. I hope she feels better soon! And that all of you stay that way.

Mary said...

Oh...I almost cried for you. Maybe I did a little. Maybe it's cause I hadn't quite cried for myself yet. Owen had a tummy thing yesterday afternoon. Funny how it never fails to break your heart when your kids are sick. He seems better now...I hope Suzy is too. Oh I hate broken plans, but maybe there's a God thing in all of it...maybe your adventures at home are the ones You'll remember best. Bless you girl.

RosyRose said...

Oh so disappointing Heather! I forgot about your INDY trip:( So glad everyone is better now! Maybe you got it over with before Christmas and now NO MORE! We would have loved to have you in Chicago! Next year k?!