Saturday, December 4, 2010

another book I love

 I don't know if you've heard about this book....but I know the author and the subject matter of the book personality, So I bought it.  It is a very adorable and sweet story.  Lynette wrote the book about her brother Marlin Stutzman. I went to school with them, for a short time to church with them, and enjoyed spending time at their family farm.  The book is a great book to read to your little ones.  In Lynette's words, "A great way to remind parents and children the importance of loving and respecting your siblings.  It also encourages kids to dream about what they will be when they grow up."  I couldn't agree with her more.  Even if you don't know the Stutzman's, you will enjoy this book and it's humor.  

 And today they had a book signing in Shipshewana.  So cool to reconnect with them both.  It's been years since I've seen Marlin and have only been in contact with Lynette through the great facebook world.  So here we are in real live person.  Nothing has changed with Marlin.  Even being a senator and all....he is still a sweet brother-like friend.  Enjoyed a nice chat with him, learning more about his family and the time they will split between Washington and Indiana.  And Lynette ~even being a published author and still a fun loving,  energetic, and easy to make laugh kinda gal.  :)  (I love her laugh!)  

 Donovan wanted a whole family shot~Since he is super supportive of Mr. Stutzman.  We both are~we love his values, we love what he stands for.  We love that he started his life like many of us and worked hard to get where he is now, doing what he is passionate about.  You can read more about Marlin here.  So proud of both of these Stutzman "kids".

 Even got my copy of the book personally signed. 
And not sure if you can read what Lynette wrote~but let me quote it up for you....."I love Livin' the Dream"  for that shout out....I've got this one right back for you.

  Here is were you can buy the book.  :)


Mary said...

Both Marlin and Lynnette were friends of my younger siblings so I didn't know them as well, but I love, love, love what God has done in them.

I wished SO bad that I could have voted for Marlin. :)

angie leverence said...

I went to school with Marlin in grade school in Shipshewana. Small world.

sherri said...

Kevin would be so proud of this post. I didn't know about the book. I'm sure he'll want to add that to our kid's christmas list. :)