Friday, February 26, 2010


First of all I want to thank you for the gobs and gobs of comments y'all left on my last post. I was a bit emotional and on the verge of an emotional breakdown when I last wrote. Your kind comments and facebook messages sure lifted my soul to know you were lifting me up in prayer. As for Jack he is well. He is adjusting well to his new medication and he has been seizure free for
12 days now. I'm praying for a longer record, but for now I better just take one day at a time & rejoice for those. And for the grace to handle it if we see another seizure. I feel a little better each day and releasing him back to God....because really I can't change one thing whether I worry or not. It's a process people. I feel like I'm on a 12 step plan. So thanks for praying. Thanks for your encouraging words~knowing you care means a lot.

So anyways....Our computer is in the kitchen, if you didn't know. And when not in use (very little of the time) there is a slide show/screensaver that goes through the last 6 years of our lives. (Before that it was film & developing baby) GAG.

So does this little girl look familiar to you? It reminds me so much of Suzanna...but really it is Isabella & she is holding William.

And here Isabella is again, she is 4. the time flies. And at this time in our life we were buying 3 different sizes of diapers. So kinda glad that part has flown past us. Isabella needed a diaper just at night...but just the same needed her own package. Jack was almost 2, and William was born in April~the time this picture was taken. The sweet little chocolate baby is Caedmon (William must be taking a nap~somewhere) I remember on this day my cousin Sherri came to babysit while I took William to a check-up, brought dinner and gifts. :) What a sweet memory.
Another awww moment....Here she is again...I have to look twice is this my Suzy?? :) Nope~ It's Isabella. Hard to believe she will be 10 this summer!
On this day we were meeting my friend Bobbie and her kids at Mc'D's. Isabella is holding Clayton. I had seen him born and then Poof! He was 5 months old! That's what living 2 hours apart will do to ya. Good times at Mc'D's trying to talk while the kiddos played.

And here's Suzy for reference. Wow! Do Isabella and Suzy look alike or is it just me?

I was reading this blog and was reminded of all the "last's" we have when raising our children. It was a good reminder of how fast time slips past. Little did I know when I snapped this picture above almost 3 weeks ago....It would be her last time she needed me to stand right beside her. Wow! how did you grow up so fast little 3 1/2 year old? A sweet friend took me to lunch yesterday and after lunch I let Suzy ride a different Carousel...And you know what??
She wanted to ride "all by herself!" What? Really?? Wow! You little honey. I kept staring at her wondering how she got so big!

P.S. if you are wondering why she has the same sweater in different colors that would be because TCP had them for $1.97. :)

quote of the day:
while watching Viktor Pfeifer on the Olympics...
William: "wow, I didn't know boys could wear girl clothes."


Jenn said...

I was just going on Facebook to ask how Jack was doing, but then I saw your post. Good to hear about Jack...we were praying for him and for mommy's poor nerves :(

Suzy looks just like Isabella...super cute!
Oh and way to go bargain girl, can't beat cheap!!!!

Charlotte said...

enjoyed your post as always. I got Allison one of the blue sweaters - LOVE TCP deals!

Jewel said...

Holy cow, yes they look the same!!! I didn't even notice that she was wearing the same sweater just in a different color! But that sweater is adorable! And even way better now that I know how much it cost ya!!! Bargains are the absolute bestest!

My Life said...

Oh my goodness!! Isabella looks just like Suzy...crazy....!! I am happy to see Jack is doing good. Poor little guy...

Well you are right to let go and let is the smartest thing to do. But also don't stop trying to uncover what the problem is with Jack. Some doctors just settle for giving medications instead of finding out the cause. You know me I am a little sinical when it comes to doctors. We have learned so much through Haley.

Hang in there and maybe one of these days we can get together. Love ya girlie!!

Holly said...

We are so thankful Jack is doing well! Love that little guy & the other 3 of course...I love the flashback of pictures! That was fun to see them! Suzy & Isabella look so much alike at that age! WOW! Thanks for posting another fabulous blog! Love you!

Mary said...

I love older pictures of my boys too. It's so amazing, touching, heartbreaking and more to look at the changes.

Super glad to hear about Jack's progress and praying it continues.

RosyRose said...

Hey friend...loved the old pictures...doesn't it just melt you when you look back at old pics?

I am praying for Jack that he will be seizure free and that God will use all this for his glory!

Hope your evening is going well:)

sherri said...

So fun to go back again and remember the days that have flown past. Yes, Suzy does resemble Isabella for sure...I really hadn't thought about it much until looking at these photos. How sweet that these two sisters have each other to grow up with!

So glad Jack is doing better too...been praying for him!

Love TCP sales! :)