Sunday, May 24, 2009


Last Sunday my older sister, Melissa was admitted into hospital in Kalamazoo. Her blood pressure was way too high and she was being watched in the ICU. On Friday morning at 2:30 a.m. we got a call from my sisters son-in-law that the hospital called. Her blood pressure dropped so low, that she was un-responsive and that the immediate family should come right away. What a heart wrenching call to take. I sat in disbelief that this could actually happen to our family. For that instant after the call I had many regrets about our relationship. Regrets about the lack of time I had spent with her, the lack of relationship I had taken time to develop. How I let distance come between us.
I called and talked to the nurse in charge of Melissa, who had reported that she was stable. I then got to talk to Melissa and she was orientated and knew where she was at, and feeling better. Donovan and I sat for about 2 hours in bed (being fully awake-after a call like that) and thanked God for healing her. Thankful for the chance to invest more time in our relationship.
Later that morning we went to see her in Kalamazoo.

My poor sister went through 2 more blood pressure drops before we got there in the morning. Going down to a blood pressure of 30! But this time not losing consciousness. The Dr.'s are still looking for the cause of the drop.

We got home, ate supper and headed out again....because my baby sister, Michele was graduating from high school.

So proud of her. Michele graduated with High Honors and she was a Nationals Honor Society member.

Michele with her boyfriend Lucas, and our kids. Michele will be leaving this fall for college and attending Mid America Christian School.
All the way in will be hard to have her so far away!
Quote of the day:
Jack: "When Aunt Michele goes to college she will be in 1st grade college."
Me: "Actually Jack she will be in 1st year of college."
Jack: "And when she graduates she will be a grown up."


Jenn said...

Wow...what a stomach dropping phone call! SO glad things turned out ok. I'll keep her in my prayers. Keep us updated.

sherri said...

So glad your sister is doing better, Heather! How very frightening for you and your family. We'll keep her in our prayers.

cheryl said...

When we were out on the kayaks today I had not read this post. I'm glad for extra chances to build that relationship and the opportunity to be reminded how valuable family is. It was nice spending time with you. Hopefully we can do it again soon.

Holly said...

Great blog! I like your pictures! I am so thankful we have more time with her as well!

Anonymous said...

today has been ruff itching so bad ALL over, bummed that i 'm still in here fustrated that healing is such a slow process, BUT glad i have the greatest sisters in the world--love ya--melissa gail