Thursday, May 28, 2009

memorial day

Memorial day we spent at the lake- where my Aunt Mary Jane lives. We had originally planned to go to the dunes, but because of the weather we postponed our trip. I'm so glad we did. It's always such a blast to be at the lake with family.

My Aunt Mary Jane is married to my mom's brother, Art. Art died several years ago. There is 18 years difference in age between my mom and her brother Art. I can NOT imagine having babies for over 18 years...I barely made it 6 years. I would have a lot of questions for my Grandma Ida, if she were still living.Here are 2 of Mary Jane's daughters...My cousins...Gerri & Chris with our boys. Jack and William were loving being on the lake. I think it's pretty neat they are growing up doing some of the same things in the same places I did as a little child. We spent lots of time in the summers at Aunt Mary Jane's and Uncle Art's.
And then I took Isabella out on the kayak. The best part was getting to the other side of the lake and meeting up with swans. The fun part was how defensive they got of their water space. This swan couple had a couple of little babies we were trying to get a look at...and papa swan was getting pretty mad at us. He puffed himself up until he looked almost double in size and then swam straight at us, then abruptly stopped about 10 feet in front of the boat. We were so freaked out! But laughing. Isabella and I were boating along with these 2 guys.....

My cousins brother in law, Isaac.
For some reason the swan kept swimming straight for this kayak. Maybe because William was calling the swan names.

And this Laura's husband, Jeremy.
Laura was with us, but started back across the lake before the swan incident. Smart lady.

This lucky guy got to drive the pontoon, with a little help from my cousin Cheryl.

I love these memories. It's so cool to have pictures to take you back to the time and day.

Quote of the day:
Jack: "Dad, I was just wondering, Can I be a hip-hop dancer?"

We have problems over here!


Holly said...

I remember these great times! Sweet memories! It's great your kids can enjoy some of our wonderful memories when we were little.

sherri said...

Love the lake! Love summer! Glad you had a fun weekend. =)