Saturday, April 25, 2009

spring has sprung..or is it summer???

Thursday morning I was hanging out the laundry and here was this little sweetie sitting in the woods (where we have a campfire ring) singing ever so sweetly.

I try to keep myself from taking SOOO many pictures sometimes...and simply enjoy the moment...but I see how fast this time is going for these little ones to be at home with me. Then I think how will I remember this moment if I don't snap a picture?? How is this journey through motherhood so very frustrating one hour and so very blissful the next??? Just that morning I was wishing for one hour of non-conflict. William was struggling to get the dishes put away from the dishwasher. He was letting the forks talk to one another than the spatulas were swords...and so it went for 1/2 an hour. I was wanting to get on with the day to go on a walk and play and him to be I could put yet another load of dishes into be washed. But there he was taking his sweet time. So I set the timer for 15 minutes for a job that should have taken 5 minutes. With an explanation if the dishes were not done before the timer went off, we would get the golden rod out. I was out hanging out the laundry and I hear this moaning cry coming from the kitchen....
The timer had went off and he was not done. I hate when that happens. What is supposed to be the motivator to follow through with a job...turns into what he must have thought was a bluff. HATE to spank. But I also want to mean what I say when I say it. So in we went. See what I mean??? Blissful out here with smiley face and frustrating inside with the dish boy. As soon as I spanked him, he came to me hugged me and said he was sorry for messing around. I love that he is still at such a teachable age...such a soft heart.

We finished our work indoors and headed out for the rest of the day. Pure joy to be out after such a long winter.

Yesterday was in the 80's and we jumped the gun and got the kiddy pool out. It kept Suzy entertained for about 2 hours. It was so fun to listen to the joy and laughter.

Friday morning we were invited to join Marlys and Jessica for breakfast at E-haus.

Jessica had just drove in the night before bringing Grandpa's car home from Florida for them. Rod and Jessica were just in town for yesterday morning and then heading to Indy for a wedding Jessica was singing at yesterday afternoon.
Love Love Love these girls. We had so much fun.

Love this. Jessica told each of the kids they could pick one candy. How sweet...they were all pleased as punch. So fun!!
Quote of the day
by Jack yesterday at breakfast
Jack: "My water is all gone, I could use a beer."
Ummm...You forgot the "ROOT" part of the beer JACK!!!!


Holly said...

Such cute pictures once again!

Michele said...

Love the pictures! We are enjoying beautiful weather here too!

Stacey said...

Love the pics of Suzy! so cute! LOve the warm weather. My kids are so restless today, now that we have to be inside, it is raining here. Love the bakery pics! I worked there in highschool for 2 years (I think), fun to remember! Have a good day!!!

sherri said...

Keep on snapping those picures. They are priceless!

I also appreciated the parenting example you set of following through with's so hard to do sometimes when you see the tears...using those teachable moments makes a big impact. Thanks for the encouragement to follow through. You're a great mom!