Tuesday, April 21, 2009

William Lewis

What I was doing 5 years ago today......having a wonderful c-section. Welcoming our 3rd baby into this world. See them pulling back on my tummy to get him out? Pretty cool...eh?

William Lewis

April 22, 2004

8:02 a.m.

8 lbs. 13 oz.

21 inches long

We named William for my Grandpa who was named after his dad.

My Great Grandpa...isn't he handsome?

And these are my maternal grandparents.

Isabella was 3 years old & Jack was 1 year old. It was so awesome to see the look on their faces when they met their new baby brother for the first time. Looking back on these pictures...I'm wondering how did we do that....3 that were 3 and under??? O.k. well I know how we did it...Just how did we manage the day to day?? Maybe that's why the nurses kept looking at me funny.Loved packing him up in his car seat for the first time...to take him home.

Ohhh...the power of pictures. I can almost smell this little pumpkin looking back over pictures of him. I would love to squeeze this little William at this stage just one more time. Yummy!!! He was such a good, good baby. I remember being amazed at how fast he would fall asleep. We would lay him down in his crib and he would fall asleep usually before we got to the door. He was so laid back even as a small newborn. I was shocked since neither of our first 2 children were like that. William is still my most contented child.

Wow....fast forward one year...

...and this is what we were doing. Already one year later, how did time fly so fast? We celebrated William's birthday in our basement apartment we were renting while our house was being built.

And then another year flew by....

and he is in love with tractors. Loves them!!!

William my handsome 3 year old.

Oh my goodness here comes 4 years old!!!

and here comes 5.

Last night my sister came over to bring William a gift...since we have small group tonight. We made a little celebration with chocolate pie. William's favorite.

I'm so blessed to be this little boy's mama. He is a bright spot in my day. I love his cheerfulness, and helpful spirit. He is often looking for ways to help me. I can remember one day a while back when I told him to get ready to go to the grocery store and he got his shoes on and then went and got mine...and lined them up right in front of me so I could easily slide them on. He loves to please. This week Suzy was helping me carry up frozen hamburger from the basement and when she got up here her hands were very cold. She was fussing and complaining. I was busy with something else....but when I turned around there was William with her one cold hand in the two of his warming her hand up for her. He was asking her, "Is that better Suzy? Are your hands warm now?" I wish I would've gotten a picture. William reminds me so much of his dad. He is so delightful. He loves to learn and is a self teacher. He just keeps working at something until he learns/memorizes it. Isabella and Jack have been teaching him addition, and he gets it. He really gets it...I can't believe it. So last night Jack and William were doing addition flash cards. And blow me over William beat Jack on some of them!!! What a guy. Neither of my oldest caught on to math that quickly.

Here is a quote from William while we were in the van headed into Goshen.

William: "Hey, this is the way we go to the baby shop."

Me: "the what?"

William: "the place where you get the baby out of your tummy.

Me: "Ohhh...The hospital."

William: "Yeah, the hospital."


Kim said...

Oh Heather, ya gotta love that guy! I will never forget watching him "crawl" in your basement apartment! What a sweetheart!

Krista said...

What a sweetheart, Heather! I miss that little William...but when I saw the cake for 4-years-old, I seriously asked, "but why does Heather still have long hair?" Is it possible he is 5?! I think he even looks like his Grandpa Lewis a little!

Mike Y. said...

Happy Birthday William!!!

Anonymous said...

This little guy is so awesome! He's my little buddy! He is so sweet & generous! I think he's just like his favorite Aunt Holly....:o)

Deb said...

Ok, Heather, I'm in love with this kid and I've never even met him. Your pictures and words paint such a vivid image of his character. I hope you put this blog entry somewhere special for William. He will treasure your words some day.

cheryl said...

Happy Birthday William!! That first photo is great. What a view! I'm proud to say that William and I share a great grandpa. I only wish I had gotten to know him. I was blessed with many grand and great-grandparents, so I can't complain. I hope it's a great day William!

Beth said...

What a wonderful blog! He is sooooo adorable! I just want to put a kissaroo on those cheeks!

You must like to wear brown, you've worn it on his birthday several birthdays in a row! ;-D

sherri said...

I remember holding that sweet little bundle in the hospital five years ago...he had the purest softest complextion...so sweet and kissable.

So neat how you included the photos of his greats.

Happy Birthday, Prince William!

RosyRose said...

Such a sweetheart!
Happy birthday William!
Thanks for letting us walk through his first 5 years! I loved it!