Saturday, September 13, 2008

never say never

I have always said, "I will never have a cat!" No offense to cat lovers out there...I've just never been into them. Kittens yes. Sometimes. But the work, the mess, the food, the vet. Four children seem enough work most days.

And then I stopped in at my friend, Jackie's house this week....and she needed a home for these kittens. That are about 4 months old. Although you can't see in the above picture...This kitten has blue eyes. He is so cute.

And again...I said never....but look at the joy this little animal brings. So far William changes his kitten's name everyday..His name has been Junior, Sugar, and Buddy.

These kittens stay outside. And so every day since we got them on children spend hours outside.

Just loving on them....
And watching every move.

However we were gone last night and the kittens must have got lonely...because the neighbor called and had a little message for us. And I quote the phone message,

"Ugh...Don & Heather, this is Toby....this is NOT going to work - your cats are crawling on our screens. My dog is going crazy. This is not going to work."

Ahhhh....I know that's what I get for living in a sub-division.

But honestly this is the only complaint. I love that we can walk in the evenings without fear of fast paced traffic. I love the neighborhood. There is just a few things you sacrifice to live close to others. And I know God planted me here for a reason. I have several things to work on. One of them being my attitude.

Fortunately Donovan in this situation took care of personal relations this time. He called the neighbor this morning and apologized for the inconvenience and disruption. And that we will work at a solution.

I do not want to ruin their screens. I do want the kittens to stay over in our yard. Now any ideas how I can accomplishment this?? Without pouring money down the drain?

In other news....this was applesauce week.

Since our 2nd child was born, it has been our tradition to invite both of Donovan's grandma's over, his mama, and my step-mom over to help. This year my step-mom wasn't able to help, but my sister-in-law came instead. I really did poorly at getting pictures this year.

But I tell you what...the grandma's that were here cut 3 bushels of apples by 10:30! It was amazing.
I wish I would've gotten pictures of them talking and cutting up the apples.
This is Suzy's Great Grandma Lydia....who helped out by reading to Suzy while we got lunch ready. I really do value my children knowing their grandparents. And their great-grandparents. Something I never knew as a child. They are so blessed.
And this is what happens when the grandma's leave and you are busy trying to get applesauce into the canner. Big brother hands over the chocolate to baby sister. Good thing there is only one bite out of each of the 9 chocolate bars she was given.


Anonymous said...

Do the cats sleep outside at night? We always have had cats, but only outside as I can't stand them and all their hair in the house! With 4 women in our house, that was enough hair to go around!
I don't know what to tell you about how to keep the cats at home when you leave unless you pen them in your garage w/a little box and their food and they would be just fine!
Cats are the easiest animal in the world to take care of...that is besides your animal husband! If you want an animal a cat is the one to have!
You should see Addison w/ours. Murphy & Priscilla (doesn't that sound biblical?) are our cats and they're almost 7 yrs. old and you would think they're pretty much bossy old cats, but Murphy lets Addison lay on him and he won't eat out of his dish unless she sits right beside him and then she picks at the food and throws it all over the floor! Too bad Kim is allergic to cats!
Good luck w/the kittens...they're great entertainment for the kids!

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean a 'little' box--I meant a litter box (you know the kind they poop in)
Oh yeah, Kim's gonna call me the blog hog!

Beth said...

Well, I won't say "your" kittys are cute... The "kids" kittens are adorable! But, I love cats. Good luck on your keeping them in your yard, cats are wonderers, are they fixed? Cats tend to stay around their own property a little better if they are spayed or neutered. The thought of keeping them in your garage when you are gone or at night would help though, atleast until they learn their bounderies in your yard. Good luck!

Toby said...
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Holly said...
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Anonymous said...

those are like the cutest kittens!!
seriously! cute!!

we tried when we lived in a subdivision, but our neighbors thru such a hissy fit about it that we actually gave them away!
=( i still regret it. these were the same neighbors whose cats were in our yard on a daily basis. !! yah! go figure.

the kittens are still learning that they have a new home. as long as no one else in your neighborhood feeds them they will learn to stay a little closer. but it wouldn't hurt them to confine them when your gone or during the nite. but you'll find some cats(usually the boys! =) have personalities where they'd rather be gone no matter how much you love on them.