Thursday, September 25, 2008

County Fair

I am going to attempt to blog tonight....although the excruciating pain of the pimple that is smack dab in the middle of my eyes is causing extreme pain. Serious pain. And hopefully it will be halfway healed by morning, because I'm not sure there's enough foundation in my whole town to cover-up & hide this eye sore. I have to be in public places tomorrow.
So here goes some thinking...I'm warning you it's going to be cloudy at best.

Last Wednesday we were at the St. Joseph County Fair. This was the fair I grew up going to. I know, Here we go again with the ol' stompin' grounds thing. Well I can't help it, I'm nostalgic that way.

One of the favorite parts of going up to Centreville for the fair, is I usually run into old friends, and old school buddies that I haven't seen for a while. Problem was we were there on Senior Citizen Day. Not especially a lot of people I grew up with. But still fun.

Here is a little monkey that will tip his hat when you give him coins. He however will not take pennies. He's funny like that. He is totally in it for the money.

One of the favorite spots we have at this fair is the tent with small animal babies in it. They have baby chicks that you can actually watch hatch. William enjoyed it.
And Jack liked the baby lamb. Here he is modeling a small piece of junk he picked up from one of the free tables in the commercial building. That may or may not be in the trash already.
This fair also has a building that shows wool being spun into yarn. Pretty cool. As you can see in the picture above Suzy is keeping watch for suspicious activity in the yarn building. Poor thing didn't get her stroller pointed towards the yarn spinning.
Quote of the day:
From last night at dinner.
William is touching, antagonizing, and bothering Jack while eating.
Jack: "Mom, William isn't respecting my personal space."


Holly said...

Yes, I remember the good ol' days! Awesome times! I love your quote of the day! Love ya

Anonymous said...

We used to get time off from school at White Pigeon to go to the fair at Centreville, but Dad didn't let us go very often cause we always had chores to do and he thought we shouldn't go to those places!
I didn't know you grew up going there....
I should have been at the fair on Sr. Citizen Day since I had my birthday yesterday and turned older! I would've fit right in!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i can't believe you didn't say hi!! =) we were there wed eve as well...note: my pix aren't even close to being posted yet!
oooo suzy's so cute when she's suspicious.

Sherri said...

Looks like a great way to spend an evening with the family! You described it well even with the painful eye. :)

The baby I took pictures of is the son of a friend of mine locally. Her husband works with Kevin. Thanks for your kind comments.

Cottonista said...

Sorry about the zit. Those can really get you down. ( :

RosyRose said...

heather- so glad to hear someone else in thier 30's gets zits!
When they are between your eyeballs like that, got a little tip for ya...Glasses. IF you don't wear any you can borrow a pair a mine.
I'm really glad to run into you now too. I can tell you're a keeper of a friend!
And you know what else? You're kids are so cute! I love when they say completely random funny things! That's the best.
C ya, R U going to the relief sale tonight? maybe there??? If not Sunday. Toodles

Cindy said...

It's always a good idea to take a "look-out expert" along to the county fair. Kinda cool that you have one in your family and don't have to pay anyone to go along! Come see me at the pulled pork booth at the Relief Sale. I know you can't pass up all that yummy food!

cheryl said...

I missed the fair this year, but still managed to get some carmel corn:) Suzy is too cute!