Tuesday, January 3, 2012

our wedding

 14 years ago some friends helped us celebrate our Wedding day. 
Rebecca & Samantha were are program passer outers.

Joyce & Karen were the guest book attendants.
Kirsten & Karissa were our gift carrier girlies.


My sister Michele, my niece~Sierra, and 2 little friends (Nicholette & Dannette)  I used to babysit for were my little flower girls.  Brooke my niece was also a little flower girl for us...but she was feeling a little camera shy at the time of the above picture.
Donovan's parents, Glen & Elsie.  His brother, Jon.  And his brother Wes, with his wife Joann & their daughter Brooke.
The peeps we put in charge of the reception.  Uncle Dave & Aunt Gloria and Uncle Jerry & Aunt Ruby. 
The friends was asked to serve at the reception~ Chad, Jon, Merle, Jeff, Jeremy, Katie, Teresa, J.B., Carla, & Andrew.
My sisters~Holly, Melissa, & Michele.
Some pretty amazing & talented friends Angie & Lori that wrote a special song for my wedding & preformed it.  Along with singing & playing all other music at our candle lit wedding.
Our ushers~Steve, Aaron, Darrin, & Willie
And here we are.....We were 22 & 23 years old!  We had no idea everything that marriage meant back then.  It's full of ups & downs.  Thankfully the ups outway the downs. :)  And thankfully I have someone that is committed to God, me, and his children.  SO very blessed that I met and married this man. 
I was full of excitement that day of everything that was so new.  WOW!!  Being a wife was something I had been dreaming of since I was a little girl.  And along with that day came the white dress, flowers, honeymoon, *blank and blank* (tee hee), and being adopted into his family.  Donovan often accuses me of wanting to get married just to start having babies...but I WAS pretty stoked to be getting all the perks of being married to my love, my groom. 

It's unblievable to imagine that Jan 3, 1998 was an unseasonably warm day for Southern Michigan~ 45 degrees!!   We got married in Sturgis, Michigan (about 30 minutes from where we live now.)  It was an evening wedding that started at 6 p.m. and we had made these ice lanterns to line the drive of the church...and they were melting!!! In January!!  And now here we are 14 years later in the middle of a snow storm today!  With temps in the 20's. 
Here are our friends who stood up for us that day
Chris, Sheldon, Kevin, Wes & Jon
Tina, Bobbie, Sherri, Melissa, Michele
Nichollette, Michele, Dannette, & Sierra...Brooke (not pictured) ~who was camera shy again :( 

So special to have most of these people still in our lives. 
I'm livin the dream to be married to my love.  I can't imagine life without him~he makes a better person just by being him.  He is the very best friend I've ever had.
I love you my groom.


RosyRose said...

Man it looks like you were up posting with the chickens;p you must be planning something special!!!
Happy anniversary! Glad you found each other!! Nice dress:)

Karen said...

Wow Heather!!What an Awesome story!I wish you both many more happy years together filled with dreams,love,and happiness!! Karen

Erin said...

You both look like you were just kids. Happy Anniversary!!! Here is to many more for you!

angie leverence said...

I remember that day my dear. Fun to see the pictures!!

Mary said...

beautiful wedding. Happy anniversary!

Jewel said...

Happy Anniversary!

InnovativeKoehler said...

You guys are awesome. 14 years is amazing. Way to go!!

sherri said...

Happy Belated, Anniversary! I'll never forget that day! Very sweet.