Sunday, November 6, 2011


This morning I did a little drawing (well not really) I just picked the 2 only eligible winners.  :)

I had 2 anonymous comments for the pie....sorry gotta give me your names to win. 

And 2 that lived to far away to deliver~sorry my long lost ~"you live to far away" friends. 

So the 2 left win.  Congrats Melissa & Janelle! 

Now...there was one little commenter that came in after I did my "Drawing" that really wasn't drawn.  And for that cool little blogger comment leaver...I gave a loaf of sour dough bread~as a consolation prize.  Because technically I didn't have an end time for the little contest.

 So now you know. 

The contest is over.

 But keep your little eyes open another one is coming up soon!!!


Mary Kelso said...

I missed it! I'm a little far for a drop off though. You wouldn't mind bringing a pie 8 hours down the road if I took you on a tour of Nashville would you?

Oh my...that gets my head spinning a bit. You guys should visit us boys would LOVE yours.

I love your pie post. I love making pies. People are usually amazed at the idea of making crust from scratch (which I usually but not always do) but when they try it themselves they realize I'm not superwoman after all. It CAN be done. :)

Matt Blosser said...

Thanks Heather! The pie was amazing!! I did let Matt have a little and he loved it too! I will be back to visit your blog for sure. :) I always enjoy reading what you have to say. Thanks again! ~Melissa

Quin said...

Hi Heather, I've been going through your blog for a while now and I absolutely adore your family. My dream as-well,for years now has been to get married and have children, I haven't reached any of them yet,as I am too young, but one day :) Please blog more often about your everyday lives and new things your sweethearts come up with, I love to read about it.