Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i love snow

First of all I need to start this off with a big fat
thank you
for all the response to my last post.  You humble me with your kind words, thoughtful letters, text messages,  fb comments, & comments on this blog.  We all experience loss at some point in our lives don't we?  So I think we all can relate on some level...and to have you share some of those with me~and others who just honestly haven't went through loss on that level~but  still take time to let me know how they related to my means a lot to me.  To draw others in to a more personal to Christ, or to inspire a relationship with him & to relate to others on a deeper level is really a cool thing that a blog can do.  I had no idea how healing it can be to write when I started this...but it has been.  And what a bonus to make friends through this venue.

So just to let you know
 and I appreciate you. 

For those of you who do not live around here....last night it started to snow.  After it had been raining.  All. day.  And I don't know about you....but I love me some snow.  If it's gonna be cold, and it's gonna be Christmas soon....Let it SNOW.  I will have a change of heart come February......but for now....

 I love to see their excitement.  I love to see everything that turned brown this fall covered with white. 
 And to top it off...there was a 2 hour DELAY!  I LOVE TO SLEEP IN.  Don't you?  So since we had so much time before school.....we just went out and had a looksie~at all the fluff. 

O.k. well there are some negative effects of the snow....there goes this young tree~not sure if it will make it.  The snow was SO heavy.  And the tree hugger lover that my husband is...was very disappointed about this.

What a view on the way to school this morning.  It truly is a winter wonderland.

The only other thing I don't care for is....this long drive that needs to be shoveled.  This little lady helped me and I had intentions of shoveling the entire thing...but then decided about 3 minutes into it to just shovel tire tracks.  Yeah, I'm an overachiever like that. ha ha ha.  (75 feet is a long way to shovel.)

And just one house cleaning thing I'd like to take care of......
To my anonymous comment leaver from the last post~Not sure why you didn't leave your name, but one little quote I'd like to give you. 

"Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery"
Charles Caleb Colton


The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

You rock girl. Luv ya.

Mary said...

We were promised snow here in Tennessee but it swirled and landed in the counties all around us but never fell on Nashville. Boo.

Thanks for the pictures. Gorgeous snow. I love it too.

peter lowe said...

Hi Guys, just emailing a fellow blooger in Oregon, USA when I struck upon your beautiful blog. I had an instant sense that you were believers in the Lord Jesus s it was a delight and call f or a celebration of your lives so beautifully shared in print and photographic finesse, As I am entering my 50th year, one of my bucket list items is to start a blog. So you have inspired me.. Lets hope that I can do such a good job as you certainly have. We live in Wales in the UK but know a number of sweet folks on USA around Boston, Santa Cruz area. Every blessing to you all x