Wednesday, November 3, 2010

fall party

 Last Saturday we had our Sunday School here for a little fall festivities.  It went together smoothly with the planning and it was so fun to keep getting calls with RSVP's and have such a great turn out.  53 all together!! 
 There were 3 of us that each made a different soup and 2 loaves of homemade bread.  I had said I would do chicken noodle.  I should have known better.  My chicken noodle is made without a recipe and always hit or miss.  Either uck or really good.  The soup I did for that night needed to be a big batch, I started by having Isabella cut up potatoes and Jack cut up carrots.  Started well~until I put a bag of noodles into the boiling broth.  Someone had once told me once that you will get more flavor into your noodles if you turn off the burner and just let the noodles sit into the boiling hot liquid.  Hmm...I missed a step somewhere~because when I went to check on how the noodle soup was doing--it was a starchy mess.  Absolutely disgusting.  And our party was starting in 45 minutes.
 Hmmmm...Didn't actually have time to send Donovan to the store~I needed him getting the garage ready.  So I scoured through the cupboards to see what could be made with what I had.  I ended up doing a double batch of Cheeseburger soup.  Isabella cut up another round of potatoes and Jack started more carrots.  While I finished up the soup~Isabella got clothes out for Suzy to change into...some friends from our class started showing up and helped me finish up the soup, make coffee, warm up hot water for hot chocolate, set the food out, etc....My mind was in about 100 different directions. 
Thankfully the cheeseburger soup turned out well.  It was completely gone by the end of supper. 
  We also had a couple of people bring salads, desserts, plates, cups and all the plastic wear.  Some others brought~cheese & crackers, pumpkin bars, apple pie, donuts, apple cider, and other treats. 
 We did some games after supper, and then carved some pumpkins...several adults said this was their first time!!!
 I think Brian is grossed out by the seeds.  Or what is that face??
Way to cut it up Marlys!  
There were also sharpie markers if some kids wanted to just color their pumpkins...good thinking on the markers~Jen. 

 Ben, Jen, and Jacob
 Their boys scoopin' it out.
 Isabella deciding what pumpkin face she wanted.
 Laura helping her daughter Claire.

Stan making a train on his son's pumpkin.

 Rose's son Wes was just enjoying putting the rubber gloves on and off.  Good idea to bring the gloves~Jen!

 Donovan was thinking of an easier way to cut these pumpkin faces up....
 and made a smiley face for Kiera.
Because I hate the smell and feel of the inside of the pumpkin was documenting the evening with pictures....And Donovan was helping Isabella and Jack carve....Richard helped William cut, clean out, and make a face on his pumpkin.  What a guy!  William had drawn a happy face that was too small for Richard to carve, so Richard made a "sample" for William to proof~before he carved.  So very, very nice of him.

 Ben & Jen also brought a popcorn popper and corn....WOW! It was a hit.  Brooke hung out there all night in interesting poses.

 Patient Richard with William
 Thanks to Marlys for the hot chocolate and marshmallows!  Great idea! 

 One of the pumpkins had way to much candy that night.
What a fun, fun night! 


Jen Bontrager said...

Very nice! Thanks so much for documenting the evening, Heather! I had lofty expectations of myself taking pictures of the night, but didn't take any! Thanks again for hosting.

Jewel said...

Wow, what a fun evening. And you are sooo brave to host that many people!!!

Mary said...

Looks like a great time! I've had emergencies like your chicken soup disaster. I hate that feeling. I always end up crying. Even if everything turns out just fine...once everyone is gone and the guard is down...I always cry. Then I make fun of myself and go to sleep.

My Life said...

So fun!!!! Wish we were closer our family of seven would of added to your huge number of guests!! That is a really neat Idea/tradition to start. Loved it!! So Love your lanturns you had out where in the world did you get all of them? Loved the giant one outside your garage. Oh another thing....are we going to be able to fit in some girl time in the next crazy two months? Would love to have coffee again or hot cocoa. Talk with you soon girlie....loved the update.

Cottonista said...

How fun! It looks like you have some good planners in your group. Were there any band-aids on site in case of emergency? ( :

sherri said...

Looks like a great party, Heather. Wow, you are amazing...whipping up another whole soup at the last minute. I would have been freaking out! :)

cheryl said...

I know the feeling of the emergency with the soup. I made something to take to a friend's house right after she had a baby. I had to work that day, so I put something in the crockpot. It was soooo awful, that I wouldn't even salvage it for myself (and I hate to throw away food!) So....I called to ask what they like on their pizza. Worked out just fine anyway:)

This looks like fun was had by all! I'm surey they appreciated your hospitality.