Monday, November 15, 2010

Choosing to See

I heard about this book on our local radio station, and it peaked my interest.  I'm not really one to buy books that I will read once~So I asked our library since they didn't have it if they could request it via an inter-library loan (borrow it from another library)  But our library actually bought it!  I got to be the 2nd one to break it in.  I felt so privileged.  This book is categorized as a "Memoir/Inspirational".  I have not read many books in that category.  And if I had started one~usually not really motivated to finish it.  This book was totally different. 
Could NOT put it down.  I took it with me to a hair appt., and actually read it over the new copy of "People" sitting there.  It's just that good.  After my hair color I stopped to pick up some bread sticks from Pizza Hut and just sat there in the van reading.  I couldn't wait for her to reveal the next step in her adoption story.  As pathetic as I felt reading while eating, with the reading light in my mini van, in a parking lot....I knew when I got home I would not have that kind of uninterrupted bliss.  Totally lost track of time and got a call from Donovan to make sure I was "o.k."  Awww...I love when he's concerned.  I told him~Yep! Just reading.  He told me to take my time....just was concerned.  :)  Another collective Awwwww...inserted here. 

Anways...I expected it to be sad.  I expected it to be something totally different.  It was very amusing and found myself relating to Mary Beth in many ways although I had never adopted or lost a child.  Some of her interesting chapter titles are...."When the puppy Eats your Birth Control Pills", "Crying in the Bathroom at Chuck E. Cheese", "My friend Prozac", and "Rambo Goes to China".  Who doesn't want to read to see how she finishes those sentences?? :)  Very, Very good read for this winter for you.  Highly recommend it.  No wonder it has been on the New York Times Bestseller list for 5 consecutive weeks!!

Here are some of the reviews written by others who have read it:

"Mary Beth makes the deepest places of our being easier to embrace and grasp.  I felt like I was looking at my own heart exposed on the pates of this book." Denise Jonas, mother of the Jonas Brothers

"Every now and then a book comes along that is not only great.  It is a gift.  An extravagant gift.  This is one of those books." Beth Moore

"Mary Beth has opened the doors of her stories to us so that our deepest fears may be overcome with hope.  And so that we can all walk in a deeper trust that God is good....all the time. "  Toby (TobyMac) and Amanda McKeehan

"Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman are living their story in a way that brings glory to God and real, practical help to the body of Christ.  You won't be able to put this book down until you've wept, laughed, and relished every page."  Chuck Colson

Quote of the day:
While I was snuggling in the recliner with Jack....
Jack: "I hope the fan doesn't fall on us."
Isabella: "Jack don't be a drama king"
Jack: "I'm not I'm just exaggerating."


Anonymous said...

gonna have to get that one too!!
I just got from the library the Beth Moore book you suggested.....when am I going to have time for all this reading......maybe I too will have to "go parking"!! :D

Grace said...

Am so glad to hear you have read it-It totally moved and challenged me too, I gave my book to Marilyn Knepp and told her to pass it on so hopefully some other Siloam Woman will get to it as well!

Nicole said...

girl thank you so so so much for the adorable goody bag :) You are SO kind! When came home sunday night and it was sitting at our back door! what an awesome surprise! I think the boys were just as excited as me :) Thanks again so much you are such a blessing!!

Mary said...

I'm interested now. Haven't had a lot of reading time of late, but maybe I haven't gone out for bread sticks enough.

Susan said...

I saw this in our local Bible bookstore ad. Is it suitable for a small group? I'm looking for something for a Wednesday night small group at church.

sherri said...

Thanks for the review. I've actually had this very book on hold at the library for a month now. Can't wait to read it now for sure! :)