Thursday, September 9, 2010

special people in my life.

How we spent part of yesterday.

And today we got dolled up....

and went to spend some time with my favorite 89 year old ~Aunt Esther. She's been ill, and it was so very nice to see her smile with/at Suzy. While there she gave Suzy 2 little figurines that years and years ago my mom (Aunt Esther's sister) gave to her. Now she gave them to Suzy who was as pleased as punch.
Funny how you set out to bless someone~and they bless you even more with their gentle spirit & tenderness towards you and your child.

I love you Aunt Esther.

And on our way home today...the most heartbreaking call came. My sweet cousin Joyce who had her baby girl born to her this morning~Quinn Ruthie, her little newborn died just hours later. My soul aches for her. Can not imagine her intense pain right now. If you know Joyce & Jason please lift them up in prayer.

I love you Joyce & Jason. My deepest sympathy to you tonight~as you learn to live with this hole in your heart.


My Life said...


I just read your blog....and it broke my heart!!! All over again!! Losing a child is such an awful, heartbraking feeling. If you can possibly imagine all the hope, love and utter peace you feel when you hold your child, imagine it just being gone from you. It is horrible and I wouldn't wish it on anyone is this world. Not many things I can say can make it better for them or even more tolerable. It is just a part thier life torn from them before they could even fully grasp thier sweet baby's life.

One thing I was told when I lost my Haley was....sometimes God protects us in very strange and heartbraking ways. He always knows more then we could ever know. Our babies, God was protecting them from something far worse. And sometimes he just chooses you...and your baby to further his kingdom. Life is fleeting and it is also fufilling even in a short amount of time.

My heart is heavy tonight and I know my sweet Haley is holding thier dear baby in her arms tonight as she was the sweetest mommy to her dollies...she loved doting on them. So thier sweet baby is in good hands.

Please send my love!!

Darla said...

Isn't it interesting how God gives us the highs and lows in such a short amount of time? I am so thankful He is constant though. His love never fails. Praise God we have hope with Him in our lives no matter what.

Jessi said...

What touching post....My heart breaks for them...had her on my mind all day today.
You will just treasure those pictures some day of Suzy and your Aunt...made me tear up, how sweet.
We will be Thinking of you guys as you stand by your cousins this weekend in spirit or if you will be able to go be with them in person. Hugs

Rosetta said...

thanks so much for this special post honoring my Mother! She dearly loves you and your family~and was SO HAPPY to see you today!
It has always pleased her to give. She can't do much else right now, but she can still give~she tries to give us money for doing things for them or just for visiting! (which we usually refuse). It made her so happy to give to Suzy today! Thanks again for coming!
My heart cries for so many reasons this evening and for your cousin, her family and for you!
love you dearly!

Wanita said...

Love uno :) Sad for Joyce and family ♥