Thursday, September 23, 2010

amazingly easy grape secret recipe

Last week we went to Corey Lake Orchard and picked some grapes..... 

..... o.k. actually A LOT of grapes.  A little over 200 lbs. of grapes.  It took Donovan and I about an hour and 15 minutes to pick.  It was a perfect morning for picking & it sure was nice to have his help.
Interesting fact I learned on Corey Lake's web site...their orchard is one of the many that Welch's comes to ~to make their juice.   

We took Suzy with us.  And yes, she helped pick to.  For about 5 1/2 minutes, flat.  Then she took over the photography.  Which was fine with me, since we only had 2 pair of snippers and she is a little on the small side for reaching the top of the vines. 

It was interesting to me to see things from her angle.  This kept her entertained for a good 30 minutes. 

So I thought I'd tell you how exactly I make the grapes into juice.  It's a super easy process people.  So this is the steamer in the above picture.  I bought mine at a local Amish store, but I found out a friend of mine bought her juicer cheaper on

Wash the grapes.

Put water in the bottom pan of the steamer.  Put on stove. 
Seriously-step by step people.


Set the next part of the steamer on top of the previous part.  This is the container that holds the juice as it is steamed out of the grapes. 


Put the washed grapes into the last container that fits right into the previous part of the steamer.  And put the lid on. 

And seriously if you can put this together: 

You can handle this steamer. 

So as the steam rises from the boiling water in the bottom container, it "juices" the grapes.  It comes out the tube in the front of the steamer.  You simply let the clamp lose and the finished product~Grape Juice comes out of the tube/steamer.  It is boiling hot so I fill the jar and put the canning lid on.  The lids I have soaking in warm water to soften the seal.  And  “Voila"...... 


Grape juice concentrate.  When I open the jar I simply add an equal amount of  water and 1 cup of sugar.  More or less depending on your sweet tooth taste buds.  It averaged out to about 30 cents a jar~which would be 2 quarts of juice.  A very inexpensive and delish treat.  Last year we put up 80 quart and were completely out by April!  This year we got 95 quarts.  Which if we ration this out better this year, it will hopefully last us all year. So leave me a comment & let me know if you'd like to try some.  I will pick a random winner October 1st & mail you a jar along with some popcorn for your next movie night.  :) 

Quote of the day:
Me: "What did you do at recess today?" 
Side note: I usually ask "What is your favorite part of your day?"...but  inevitably the answer is always recess.  So now I cut to the chase.
Isabella: "Play football.  Well not really playing football just throwing the ball back in forth with my friends."
Jack: "spin people off the merry-go-round.  Isabella, if you try it you would find it amusing."

And an apology to you~ if your child goes to school with mine.


Jessi said...

I just want to come over and drink a glass full right now...I guess I will just have to stick to my welches=) The Quote made me funny!!

Darla said...

I would love to try some of your grape juice. I remember my parents making that when I was a kid. But they didn't have the fancy steamers you have. I'm not sure how they did it. Grape juice and popcorn...a combination that brings back fond memories of Sunday nights as a kid.

My Life said...

Okay Heather....I am seriously looks so so yummy....UMMMMM I WANT TO AND MUST WIN the drawing.(no pressure):) I have to sit here in little Ohio and imagine how it tastes and your pictures just made it even harder to live without. I love how easy you make it all look....although this really does look pretty easy. I am not even sure if we have a grape place around here. Do you know of any Miss Grape Juicer of the year?

Well I just love ya girl...I just loved catching up can't wait to plan get busy (since you must love me ordering you around :)))

Cindy said...

I love Suzy's pictures ... much better than your "professional" ones. :) AND, I love your kids. AND, I'm sure I would love your grape juice!

Anonymous said...

It all sounds so easy and "delish"
as you always say. I could pick
up the juice, and probably stop
by the Amish store for a juicer,,,
and probably have to come get the
grapes...all the way from NE. I
have to seriously HUNT for grapes
in good ole NE. May be easier and
cheaper to just enjoy your adventures!! Karen S

Rosetta said...

That sounds so good! I remember making grape juice but not that way. Good job on the pix, Suzy!! If I'm the winner, just bring it the next time you come this way~~

Stacey said...

So cool Heather! I would love to try some, pick me, pick me! Just kidding. Thanks for sharing, you make it look so easy :)

Mindy said...

You make everything look easy and not a big deal. I wish i had half the energy you do. The juice looks so good and at about .30cents thats awesome!

Amber said...

Yummy!!!! Cooper & I (& baby) LOVE grape juice! I was just thinking I needed to replenish my stock... I've been craving it like crazy (stupid hormones) and I'm down to my last 2 jars from the last canning session. And thanks to your post I just ordered my steamer from Amazon!! It looks SOOOO much easier than the way I did it the first time... no more of the hard way.

Quick question though - because the juice is hot, when you put the tops on them, do the tops pop or do you have to cold pack them after you put the lids on?

Mary said...

Oh my goodness that's awesome. I WANT some. One of my favorite things as a kid too. Mom used to freeze it. I don't remember how she made it but I know it was more of a process than your steamers. They look wonderful. I want those too. She made her juice from the muscadine grape vines we had in the back yard, right in the center of the garden. Oh, such good memories. Homemade pizza and grape juice on Saturday nights while watching the Muppet Show. :)

sherri said...

Oh my...that looks so yummy. I love the smell of the juice when canning it! You've really made me want to go out and buy a steamer now. Do you use it for anything else?

Remember when I came to your house in Millersburg and you helped me can some juice? the beautiful pictures of your kiddos in the mail today. Thanks so much! :)

The Johnsons said...

YUM-O me crazy but at our house (and growing up) we have always eaten chocolate ice cream with grape juice poured on top! It is THE BEST. I've never had someone try it (that I have MADE try it) that didn't like it! If you haven't had it try it...its
A M A Z I N G! Your juice looks wonderful! Your such a little homemaker!

The Johnsons said...

ps...if you picked me you would save on postage! :) hehe

Anonymous said...

remember i got addicted to the grape juice the same place you did,our MOM.share the wealth,by the way you forgot a step;TURN ON THE BURNER;}LOL--MELISSA GAIL

Julie said...

That's exactly the same way I made grape juice two weekends ago!!! I used most of my juice and made grape jam though. The steamer is wonderful and makes it so much easier!! Today...we're on to applesauce. UGH..maybe I should get off the computer?! (BTW: I don't need to be in the drawing-thanks though!)

Jewel said...

Wow, that is sooo awesome that you made your own grape juice! It was great seeing you & your family (minus one) today @ the Relief Sale!

Nicole said...

that is great Heather! I never knew it was that easy! We may have to try this out! I loved your tomato soup recipe from last year as well! Thanks for the info!

Erin said...

Heather-Your grape juice looks great and you make it look so easy when I'm sure it is very hard. As I read your step by step directions I thought I could do this but I'm pretty sure I would not be able to. I would love to try some of your grape juice. As a kid we used to watch movies, eat popcorn and drink juice as a family.

Cynthia Powers said...

Do you have to water bath the jars? Looks yummy.