Saturday, March 27, 2010

peace out God

This afternoon I gave William a card I was given~ to write on. He loves to write & he loves to spell. His teacher at school told me that his class mates often ask him how to spell things. :) Which is pretty ironic since I can't spell any better than a 2nd grader.

I love this stage with my 5 year old!

This is what I saw after he went to bed tonight....

In case you can't read it very says, "Yes I love you vaery (very) much Jesus. Peace out dude."
Can you see how he traced over the cursive on the right side of the card?? :)

I love the stuff he comes up with.


Jewel said...

I love to see Braylon writing & spelling also! It's just so neat & a privilege as his mommy to see him develop!

Mary said...

Oh my that's awesome.

Peace out.

cheryl said...

I love this! If he can learn now to love Jesus and just talk to Him as a friend, not feeling the need to be all flowery and churchy, he will be years ahead of many adults. Yes, He is to be respected, feared, and revered, but He is also the one next to us all day every day:)

sherri said...

what a work of art!! I see his daddy shining through a bit in this artwork. :)

Rosetta said...

I loved reading this post! I saw some of Donovan in his choice of words. And as Cheryl wrote, it is more than that, William is learning about the love of and ways to talk with his Heavenly Father. You 2 are doing a great job with your children!