Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Grandma Lydia

First of all...let me thank you for your sweet birthday wishes. I randomly picked a winner for the bread & jelly. Anna. Congrats. Your sweet words warm my heart.

Sunday night we got a call that Donovan's grandma had died. She was 86. It was such a shock to us. Her and Grandpa spend winters in Florida. This is where she was when she went home to Jesus. This sweet woman was a special part of our lives.
Often when we went to Florida we stayed with Grandma & Grandpa. This was a neat time that we got to know them better.

And most years when we went down, Grandma would invite family that lived in Florida over for a meal. Grandma liked to make excuses to celebrate, and have all of us together.

And she sure loved the babies. The last few years she would be pretty unstable to carry them around but would sit and ask that we bring the baby to her. Here she is loving on Karis & Suzy. Loved how much she loved my kids.

And for sure when we had a new baby to meet, she was often our first company to come to our house when we got home from the hospital.

I remember how she loved Suzanna's name. Commenting that she loved her middle name "Faye" given to her for my mom's name. She had a way of making a person feel very special & smart.

I also loved how she was quick to greet us with hugs.
Grandma also loved helping with canning our applesauce EVERY year. She was eager to come, and would often ask when we were getting together for our annual event. This picture was taken back when we lived in Millersburg. About 6 years ago. I think that year we did about 5 bushel. How sad it will be not to have her a part of that this fall.

Another year of helping.
And this was this past fall. Since we were in the middle of building~we had apple day at Donovan's mom's house. It was pretty cool to see how Suzy warmed up to Grandpa and Grandma had fun just talking to her and making her feel special and loved. Loved the connection she had with my kids. I love how much she worked at getting to know them better.

This was a reunion that was about 6 years ago. Not quite all of the family....some live down south. Some were not able to be there. But wow, what a crew!

What a legacy she left for us. What a peace of mind to know she's sitting at the feet of Jesus. To know that she is pain free & with a new body.

Quote of the day:
Suzy: "I wish Grandma could come down here and see me. I miss her."
Me: "Do you know where she is?"
Suzy: "She's with Jesus and God in Heaven."
Me: "right."
Suzy: "MOM! YOU know who else is in heaven with Grandma, and Jesus, and God? Baby Olive is there too! But Olives mom & dad are not there. And grandpa is not there in Heaven, Grandpa is still in Florida. "


Jewel said...

Awe, what a sweet tribute to your Grandma! I can tell she was definitely loved & had a lot of love to give in return. Glad you have so many precious memories & pictures of her! I think all Grandmas like to play Dominoes! :)

Jen Bontrager said...

That was a nice tribute. We'll be thinking of your family this weekend.

Jessi said...

What a sweet post about you grandma...what wonderful memories you have of will cherish them...It is so hard to say goodbye to grandparents...they are such a blessing!! Thinking of you and your family.

Mary said...

All of that makes me miss my Grandma Katie so much. That is exactly the way I imagine she would have doted on my babies. I know they don't miss her and it's a comfort to know they don't know what they are missing, but man...they don't know what they are missing! I hope I can be a grandma like Grandma Lydia someday.

anna said...

That was a very nice post about Lydia, she was a very sweet grandma. Grandmas are the best when it comes to helping out with canning and holding babies. I'm sure you will miss her a lot. Will continue to lift your family up to the Great Comforter.

Cindy said...

"pass the tissues please" ... thanks for sharing so many sweet pictures and memories of Lydia. Prayers for your family as you celebrate the life that she led, and journey on without a very special person.

Jenna said...

I don't know you but I loved your Grandma Lydia too! My mom told me she passed away this past weekend. She lived down the street from us and we would take all of our alterations to her. She was such a sweet, sweet woman. We will keep your family in our prayers.

Jenna said...
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Nicole said...

so sorry for you loss Heather! You will be in our prayers!!

cheryl said...

Ditto to what Mary said! Missing Grandma's hurts, no matter how old you are. I'm glad you got to love and enjoy her, and I'm so sorry that you'll be missing her!

My Life said...

Awww....Heather reading that made me miss my grandma so so much. Both my grandma's are gone and have been for over almost 2decades....both passed away far to early. My Grandma Niblock died of ovarian cancer when my brother Jordon was a baby he is now 20...My other Grandama Lutz passed away in her sleep...diabetic bad. The family just doesn't seem the same when they aren't here...they help sew everyone together. They keep families together. I Have done my very best to continue traditional Thanksgiving and Easter Dinners and I even hide a special ornament in the tree at christmas time and whoever finds it gets a little gift. Grandma Lutz tradition. When I read about your grandma it just broke my heart...tears...literally!! I have missed them beyond words. I am sure my cute sweet loving grandmas helped her up in heaven and are up there chit chatting right now. I hope to be that kind of grandma to my grandkids keep what is most important in this world going family and tradition. Love ya girlie!!! Hopefully the weather will be nice for you this weekend.

RosyRose said...

Well I told you once but I loved being with your family today and hearing what a wonderful grandma she was! What a blessing to have someone like Lydia in your life! I'm sure you will all miss her so much!

Grandma Ruby said...

Such a special trip down memory lane--makes the tears come. We will all miss our dear mama & grandma.
Love you all, Aunt Ruby

Phyllis said...

Heather, what sweet memories you have of Grandma. How wonderful that you and your children were able to enjoy a relationship with her. You are a blessing to so many, but you have been blessed also. It's great the way that we are able to pass the blessing forward.......