Thursday, January 21, 2010

drywall anyone?

After my depressing post the other day, you'll be happy to know I picked my sorry self up off the floor and did some fun things with the kids. As in......baking cookies with them. And really when I say that I did baking with them I mean, they worked as hard as they could at getting the ingredients into the bowl~but missing and then me cleaning up a mess 3 times as bad as if I would have just done it myself. LOVE them. I.Love.THEM!

Exhibit #1......this counter looks clean at this stage in the game.....15 minutes later there is as much in the bowl as on the counter...and then a fair amount on the floor~to make things fun.

And thankful for my little William and Suzy....even when one of them is sick and I have to cancel my day. They make my life full of fun.... just wanted you to know that. I know you already do. And I'm thankful for all you mama's who gave me sweet comments of encouragement and "I've been there" understanding for the day back on this post.

Exhibit #2.....William sweetie, "Why don't you be done eating cookie dough for now and rinse the dishes I washed?"......However this turned into an adventure of slip and slides. And...if you've given your 5 year old a job involving water, You know exactly what I mean here.

Funny....I remember "helping" in the kitchen ALL the time back when I was little. "Helping" when you are 3 & pretty much an oxymoron
when it involves food or water. I know this "training" will pay off and want all of my kids to feel needed and a vital part of the family. SO...I keep counting to 100, take a deep breath and snap a picture. So when I am 100, I can sit back and wish for the days back.

So.....I'm in need of some help here~and not in the kitchen. Calling all creative minds & handy men.

Right now we are working on finishing the bonus room above our garage for a bedroom for our girls. This space you see pictured above (under the window) is going to be a window seat spanning the length of the room. It's about 11 feet. So I need to know~ do you know where can I get some cushions that I could cover? I'm thinking & hoping for inexpensive.

Also by the end of this week we (yes! as in we...I helped hang those long sheets on the ceiling...thank you very much) should be finished hanging the dry wall, and wondering if you know of anyone who does drywall finishing? Our favorite guy (Dave) is booked until the middle of February. So pass along the good word if you have some recommendations.

quote of the day:
....from last Sunday. I had a little girl in the van we were taking home from church with us. I was kinda in a daze listening to my 2 girls talk to Sophie (age: 6) . Not thinking much of it~scanning the dial looking for a song on the radio. I have buttons behind my steering wheel so you can't see I'm switching stations.

we pull in the drive and this comes from the backseat:
Sophie: "does your radio always do this?"
Isabella: "no, but my mom does."
now that I think about it....I was scanning almost all the way home.


Anonymous said...

Ryan knows someone who might be able to help you out....tell Donovan to give him a call. -Beth

RosyRose said...

Ha! She does speak her mind!
Thanks again for having her:) she loved being with you guys!

Jessi said...

Gotta love when kids say what there thinking!!! So cute!!

Mary said...

I love having other kids over. It's so telling of how differently our families do things. I hope you get someone to help with the drywall. What is the plan for that room?

Grandma Ruby said...

Hi Heather, You might try Auntie Dot for the cushions. She makes cushions all the time and would mot likely be able to help you.
Love, Aunt Ruby

cheryl said...

You can buy cushion at Jo-Ann's. Maybe other similar stores. It's not super cheap, but they do have it. I put new cushions in my couch a year or so ago. I think it was about $70. They have different thicknesses. I got the thickest. You may not nead that much. Good luck. That room looks like it has a lot of potential. I'm looking forward to seeing the results!