Tuesday, March 17, 2009

think green-think spring

Have you ever had a morning that you wondered how on earth your going to get through the rest of the day?
Yesterday I remained pretty positive. The kids for the most part were on the couch sick, and had no energy to fight. Today I could tell they were feeling better. They were into each others hair....and had WAY to much energy. Both Isabella and Jack were still running fevers last night so I couldn't send them to school this morning. The fevers were gone by this morning, but the rule is that you have to be fever free for 24 hours to return to the classroom. So this morning seemed very overwhelming. I thought to myself...before this day gets any older I AM going to get my hair washed. And I AM going to put make up on. It took me until 10 a.m. but I got it done, despite the many interruptions. By 10 after 10 I was working on cooking some oatmeal for breakfast when my doorbell rang. The funny thing is I didn't even hear it ring...because it was so loud in the kitchen from all the fighting. The kids all ran to the door....to find my sweet friend Jen standing there with a smile and gift for me.

I have tears just thinking of how God meets all of our needs. I hadn't even prayed for encouragement, but it came. At just the right time.
Jen had read my post from yesterday, felt sorry for me- and just wanted to stop by with a fun magazine and a chocolate/caramel bar for me. God is so good. It was the perfect pick me up and bright spot in my day!
Another bright spot I should add .....was yesterday afternoon my mother in law brought over supper for us. Homemade chicken noodle soup and orange jello. It was a perfect supper. And it was so nice to have a break in my day and a little adult interaction.
So back to our day....
St. Patrick's day....got me thinking of green and thinking of how much I love green and spring.

Some geraniums from last summer, I had in the basement. That I'm trying to bring back to green.

ahhh...spring!!! It's an unseasonably warm today-71 degrees!!! I. LOVE. IT.

A christmas gift from my hubby...my favorite perfume ever...which happens to be green.
So while the kids were outside playing....I got a project done. It was so exciting! I had been wanting a new curtain for my bathroom.
I got inspired after reading this blog about not running out on a whim to spend $. Even if have cash (Which in theory I would have had $10 for new fabric) But that's how it goes...I have a great idea and $10 here and $10 there adds up. My husband has never come down on me for this...it's just something I think I personally need to work on. Her goal and mine is to start using the principle of choosing not to spend. So I went digging in my closet and came up with this.
My old duvet cover. I had used if for 3 years on our bed. While I loved the print and the color matched our bedroom paint perfectly....it was getting bleached from the face cleaner/lotion I use at night on my face. I would try to be careful..but it was starting to show where the duvet would touch my face while I slept. And really who wants covers that can't touch your face? So...about 6 months ago I replaced our duvet cover with white and had this duvet I had no idea what to do with...because of the discoloration at the top of the fabric.

Wah-lah. My new bathroom curtain. I'm so excited. First of all that I actually finished a project. And second of all I love how it turned out. Something new out of something old.

Quote of the day:
Last night at supper, while eating Grandma's chicken noodle soup.
Jack: "Mom, can I have something for supper a little more liquid-y?"
Isabella: "Jack, Soup is about as liquid as you can get."
Unfortunately for Jack he is not a fan of chicken noodle soup. However it's one of my favorites!!


Ben Bontrager said...

Any chance you've got a phone number for this "Jen" friend of yours. She sounds like a great girl. While you're at it, maybe you could even hook us up. I've just got this feeling - like maybe she's "the one." Thanks.

Beth said...

What did you hang the curtain up on and with? It's really beautiful! And what an inexpensive way to re-do an area!

Stacey said...

LOVE the pictures of your green things! AND LOVE the curtains! (please come teach me how to sew!!!!!)

Have a good sick-free day tomorrow!!!


cheryl said...

Way to improvise! I'm glad today was a better day as well. What a sweet friend. I'll have to try to post a blog tomorrow evening about a sewing project I did recently. I sure do like green things as well. I'm loving this weather and seeing some green peeking through!

RosyRose said...

Oh Sweet Heather~I am sorry about your crummy week! I have been locked in a basement all week...I have been meaning to call you...I did miss you on Sunday!
My kids are sick too! What a great way to start a new job huh? J has been so great. Running to get them and sitting at home with them:(
I LOVE your bathroom curtain! That is so crafty and cute! I think it's perfect!
Love you and hope you are all better soon!!!

Kim said...

Hey Heather, I hope your day is better today!

sherri said...

So glad that today is the day your hubby returns!!

The curtain is beautiful! Great thoughts on using what you have and saving $$.


WOW!you are an amazing woman!! i do sew but im not creative. your family is so perfect. for some reason i felt i should wish you a wonderful day. love Rhoda

Cottonista said...

Way to go with the curtain! It's cute.

The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

Toooo adorable!! Now, if only I could sew!!!!