Sunday, August 31, 2008

We have a problem...It's called our office

family photo compliments of Christina

Today we visited our "old" church who happens to be in their "new"building. They just completed their new church that was under construction when we left, and now they are all moved in. William was esp. confused as Isabella and Jack talked about going to our "old" church that is now "new." Today was baby dedication, and Donovan's brother Jon and his wife were having their baby dedicated. The above picture is Donovan's whole family. It doesn't happen that we all look so good and are all together, so Donovan's mama wanted pictures. Great idea!!! Donovan has 2 brothers. His older brother, Wes has 3 children. Jon has 1 little one. Who by now you know, right....from previous posts? Donovan's - mama's- mama is also picutred with us. Grandma Lydia.

Ahhhh...what a sweetie! I remember the days when they slept through everything, (except for the middle of the night.) And when you have one child and think they are so much to take care of.....and then you have the 2nd. And then the 3rd. Then the 4th. And think back to having one, and think that WAS cake. But ahhh, the pure joy of that first magical, infatuation of your first born. As you can see in the picture above of Jon & Arlene...they are beyond in love with their new little son.

So......I have this question. We have this problem. It's called our office.
IT is our secret. Our secret mess, we keep in the basement with the door closed. Not everything has a place, So everything gets piled. And it is a problem.
This used to be our changing table, but now is our wrapping station/ shipping station. The drawers contain....tissue paper, boxes, ribbon, etc. In theory it is a good idea, if in fact the top was cleared off and you could actually set a gift to be wrapped on the top, or an item you just sold on eBay and wanted to ship. I'm work in progress people. So what can I do with ribbon? I need a better system. I have small pieces, long pieces, ribbon on spools. What do you people do with it? So about the dresser, to paint or not to paint? What color?
And this is Donovan's desk, it is in dire need of a make-over. In a huge way!!! We are going to switch desks. He does not have enough space on the desk top, and he can not fit his chair under the desk of his childhood. So tell me friends, what color should I paint it? The carpet is grey and so are the walls. Do I go bold with a color, or stick with basic black? I'm counting on you...and if any of you organizing people want to come and help well that would be great too. I posted all the pictures to help me get motivated with this daunting project. I would like to be done with the painting/organizing by the end of September. Do you think it can be done???


Danette said...

Hi Heather, we haven't actually met but I feel like I know you by just reading your posts. Is that a little creepy or what...yikes! You have an adorable family. Crystal Kauffman is my cousin and you actually go to my sister's church,her name is Dawn Tadeo, anyway just wanted to introduce myself so I don't feel like I am staucking you..haha I don't have any advice for your office sorry. So why am I commenting you ask...well, you mentioned something about a free gimp download for photoshop or something like that. What is that and where can I download it from? Thanks so much and good luck with your office!!! :-)

Stacey said...

Heather! How fun! I am in the same situation, our desk is small and in the corner of our bedroom. The once organized drawers are now stuffed with junk. Tommy tries to do work for work here but there is no room. I would LOVE to have a built-in unit made, but everything costs money... what to do... I love the idea of your office makeover and can't wait to see how you do. Instead of giving you advice, I will probably be taking ideas from you! Is that ok?

Christina said...


What fun to see you all today! I don't know if mom got a chance to talk to you but she had wanted to mention how much we are enjoying your bog.

Ribbon-why not mount a doll rod horizontly and put your spools on there so you can easily pull off the amount you need at any given time and yet it is always put away?

I just posted images from today on my blog. Hop over and check them out.


Beth said...

Hey! I've done everything from a dowl rod hung from the bottom of a shelf to hang my spools off of to revamping a shoebox with holes and grommets and decorating with as Matt calls it "pretty paper" to thread the ribbon through... which works about the best. I also put smal pieces of ribbon into a small baggie and then into a decorated shoe box. Good luck with your redo!

Charlotte said...

Hi Heather,

Missed you in church today - it seemed like there were a lot of people missing. I finally broke down and created yet another online account/password - this time for blogger - so that I can leave comments :-) I will be interested to see the end result of your office transformation. Have a great week!

Jamie said...

Hi Heather. I've posted comments before, but was unsure if you knew how I came across your blog. I'ma friend of Kim and Stacey's.

Just had to post an idea for what to do with the ribbon. I saw in a magazine how they used a dowel rod (not sure I spelled that right) and mounted it on the wall (under a shelf). Then they just put the spools of ribbon on it. That way they could just pull on the spool and clip off what they need. I thought it made so much sense if you have the right spot for it, and you seem to!

As far as the color, I love the grey and white!!! I think it looks clean and simple.

Have a great day!

Jamie said...

HA!!! OK, obviously I didn't read your other comments before I wrote mine!!! My dowel rod idea wasn't too original for you!! HA!


Holly said...

WOW! Cluster!!! I know you are so creative so I have faith in you, you will come up with something! I love the family pictures! Arlene looks GREAT, her son is adorable! If you need help with the painting let me know! I will help. Love ya

The 5 Bickies said...

I love the green desk on the front of the latest pottery barn catalog. It would be bright but would look great with the gray contrast.

As for ribbon, my hubby rigged a two metal brackets that hold a wooden dowel that holds my spools of ribbon. it's a lifesaver.

Cindy said...

SIMPLIFY! Just throw away all those bits and pieces of ribbon, even the complete rolls. Throw away every roll of paper you have. Then go to the store and buy white paper, and silver ribbon. You can use it for any occasion, and the gift recipient really isn't going to look at it and say, "I don't want this monochrome wrapped gift, thanks anyway."

Yes, kind of joking, but kind of not! The more stuff we have, the more clutter! I just try to keep very multi-purpose type of things around, and then there's less of it.

As for the desk ... hmmmm ... I say black with a crackle glaze. It will show a white crackle. And I just happen to have some crackle glaze that I'd love to get out of my closet!