Saturday, August 2, 2008

And what if she had no openings on Tuesday and I actually had to wait until Wednesday or something????

The last several weeks I was starting to notice how thin the ends of my hair were beginning to get......
I had my stylist cut layers into my hair about a year ago, which added to the thin hair problem, along with the coloring, sun, heat blow drying, pool water, and flat iron I have been really taking my hair through the gutter so to speak. So while I still want long hair I decided I need to grow those layers out......And to try to catch up those short layers with that long thin hair was going to be a VERY long time.And so Donovan did this for me today.....He cut 1 1/2 inches, I didn't feel much of a he cut another 1 1/2 inches. Because how on earth could I wait another 2 days until my hair stylist works on Tuesday to get it cut?
Yep! I'm pretty patient.
But say, He did a pretty good job...don't you think??
And to think he just googled it to find how to do the cutting on women's hair.


Holly said...

You are sooo hot sister! Hey Donovan, am I next? Great job! I love her hair! love ya all!

Kim said...

What a guy you have there Heather! Nice new do!

The 5 Bickies said...

You really can google anything!
It looks great! Think of the money you saved at the salon.

Sherri said...

Is there anything that husband of yours can't do? Impressive!

Does he have an opening for tomorrow at two?

Anonymous said...

wow! he did a good job. =)

...and why is it that small town hair shops have a 'walk-ins welcome', but never seem to live up to it??!! lol! the only reason i miss the city.