Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The School Bell Rings.....

 Ahhhh...The school bell has rang for 2012....and I'm caught in the middle of a little sadness and somersaults.  Sadness for the days of sleeping in and goin' to the pool....sadness for wanting to freeze some of these people in time...because of all the preciousness.  AND then just a little bit of somersaults because this last week somethings been brewing in the kids.....
Kinda a mix between them being excited and maybe a little nervous....and all the energy of something new on the horizon comin' up.  They were a whirlwind of craziness the last week.  Drivin' me nuts!  Love um'  I DO LOVE THEM.  But man they were restless. 

William starting 3rd grade with the teacher that Isabella had in 3rd grade, Mrs. Blotkamp.  Love her and her patience with her students.  Love her sweet spirit.  So excited for what I see developing in William.  And the poor thing just before this picture was taken....he had "something in his eye" syndrome.  Bless his heart for trying not to cry.  He didn't even let a tear fall but I saw the eyes filling up.  Just a little bit of jitters about going back to school this year. 

  I think he recovered very well. 

 And Suzy has the 1st grade teacher that William had.  We Love Mr. Longacher.  Love how he keeps the classroom in order and speaks with such respect to each student.  Keeping all those little 6 & 7 year olds in line. 

And what a great surprise!  Suzy gets to sit by her good friend Ryan, that we were in small group with for 3 years and now go to church with.  I'm so excited for Suzy and her 1st day of 1st grade.  She loves school and loves to please.  I think she's gonna do great. 
 Now by this stage of my way do they want mama  going into the school with them.  Which I respect.  To be honest I don't really want to be a helicopter parent.  There really are very few parents that walk in with their kids to the Intermediate Building (4th & 5th grade building) But it kinda breaks my heart just a tiny see them so grown up so big and so brave.  Jack is going into 5th grade and I'm super excited about the enthusiasm Jack's teacher has!  She had been teaching at Jefferson and then worked at Bethel for a couple of years and missed teaching and is filling in for Mrs. Miller this year.   I have heard that Mrs. Gonzalez is a very good teacher.  School has always been a little hard for Jack (well except for the social part) and I hoping that this year he will buckle down and really apply his awesome cute self. 
Awww...tender heart Isabella has been cut from the same exact cloth as her mama.  I remember the same fears/anxiety going into 7th grade.  Although Isabella is very excited about her 2nd year at the Middle school she had just a little bit of the jitters this morning.  I told her I did the same thing at her age.  This tough love sometimes tears me apart.  I gave her a tums (for a sick stomach) and told her she'll be fine.  Prayin' for her and all the things that she will face in her day.  Prayin' that she'll make a stand when she needs to, and that she'll be a light when she needs to shine.  {Isn't she cute with her little folded paper of all 6 of her classes and locker combination in her hand?}

Love these kids so much.  So blessed to be given the chance to raise them.  Now I must get chop a loppin.  Not that they are gone I have to go back to doin' all  the dishes and laundry hangin' out.  

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bobbie said...

Love reading this.....and feeling like I kinda know into their little lives!!!! You such a great mama!!!! Can't wait to hear how the first day went!!!