Wednesday, August 17, 2011

school bell

 Well it's back to school time for us.....this morning this was the view of the early morning start.  Dad had to be away on a one night business trip :(  But it was all bright eyes and happiness around the table.  There was some nervousness~but also some very excited people.  Even if the older 2 know it's so uncool to like school~I could sense they were very excited about going back to their friends & getting back into the swing of a routine again. 
 Got 4 lunches made....with help from all 4 of them. 
 And on the porch within the hour, dressed, combed, and ready to go.  I felt like superwoman really....I'm not gonna lie.   

 But as soon as I walked into the William & Suzy's came the tears.  I know everything in my head {they will be fine, I will be fine, I will have all kinds of time for this & that, etc.} But my heart was breaking.  TO. PIECES. 
 [William starting 2nd grade]
 You see the littlest of our family started Kindergarten today.  My baby.  My little sidekick for the last 2 years.  The last one to start school.  Leaving an empty nest to me.  I have had days I couldn't wait for them to be all in school.  I have had days I wondered what it would be finish a task with no interruptions, or to have the day to be creative, to finish thoughts, to blog again.  But many of the last 11 years has been livin' my dream....of being a mama.  Not that every day didn't present challenges, or some point in the day~but this was my dream to be home with them.  I have loved being their mom.  AND I KNOW (for crying out loud) that I still am.  It's just different.  I am in a new have them all gone.  Insert tears here~for pity sake I am.  
 But OH the joy on her face...does make it easier.  Can you tell Suzy has been waiting for this day for a long time???   Even though she had a little hesitation~she was so very happy to be doing what everyone else around this family has been doing for years.

Every night....she would ask~"How many more days until I start school?"  So finally about 2 weeks before school started, I made a paper chain showing how many more sleeps it would be until her big day.  Which helped a lot....until she started forgetting if she took a chain off or not....causing some days to get 2 chains off in the same day.  So we numbered them according to the day of the month.   

At one point last week I asked Donovan if he noticed how short that paper chain is getting and he responded, "YES!!  I try to ignore that thing every time I walk in the door."   

This one.  This guy warmed my heart.  Jack is going into 4th grade this year.  At a new school that houses 4th & 5th grade.  First of all....he appears to be posing in the above picture~which cracks me up.  And 2nd of all....On the way to school~just me and him in the van he asks, "Mom what are ya gonna do with all of us gone today?"
Me: "well probably go home and cry.
Jack: "Well I think you should have a girls day out.  Maybe go to Target or something."

Awwww...Now I know I must have done something right....He is concerned for my well being.  The one I thought the hardest to reach/teach.  The one that is the most stubborn~shows me his heart.

Here is my brand new Middle schooler.  Isabella is 11~and started 6th grade today.  <3 She was so excited.  So happy to be starting a new school.  So happy about her teachers and her new "pod" group.  So anxious to hear about their days....which reminds me to look at the clock!!!  WOW~how time flies...It's time to pick up the kindergartener and 2nd grader.  WHOO HOO!!!!

Love these people~They are my joy! 

Later taters!  I'm back on the mom clock!


Mary said...

Oh my. I know you will grow to really enjoy the space of your day when they are at school but man it's tough getting there.

I had to cry a little reading this. It's fresh tears from watching Ivan go to school this fall and looking forward tears as I think of Aron so anxious to go too. We could actually send him next year, but surely God wants me to wait another year.

Big D said...

So proud of my little kids and little wife. Can't wait to squeeze you all tonight! Daddy

My Life said...

I just loved seeing all your beautiful kids smiles and happy faces. I know you were going through alot and all, but you have done so well by your kids. Just seeing them tells you how much they are loved and how much you care about them. It is really special knowing you all these years and even more special seeing the spawn of you through your children. They emmulate what they see and hear from you two wonderful parents! What wonderful sweet souls you have helped developed to send out into the world. So inspiring as always!!! Love ya girl! Hmmmmm what could you do with all that time on your hands. Maybe a trip to ohio....ha ha