Sunday, July 31, 2011

south haven beach...silver beach...i love them all

 For years & years we have been going to the dunes when we wanted to be at lake.....but snap! We have so many more options folks.  Let me introduce you to a few more options that are just as close & way more more scenic views!!!
 Say Hello to South Haven.  We hadn't been there in 10 years.  And when we were there we hadn't been to this sweet little beach, with a playground.  Also a neat pier that we walked along with a lighthouse.  Do you see that in the background?

 Our friends Jason & Rose invited us for the 4th of July...It was a little embarrassing that Jason kept flexing and drawing crowds...but still we had lots of fun!
 I love the carefree days of the summer.
 Do you see the happiness bursting from Jack's face?  He's got a pretty cool pal~Micah.
 Suzy had Sophia
 And we had tons of fun views along the boardwalk to coming and was amazing!!  Are we really in Michigan??  We walked to town for a little taste of the town & ice cream...TOO BAD my camera gave out and I couldn't capture the nostalgia of the little beach town.  Well at least I didn't on that 4th of July day....but we went again this past weekend~So I'll put those pictures on another post.  L.O.V.E.  

 The very next weekend....we beached it up @ Silver Beach.......
 There is also a very nice play set if your traveling with small ones.
 Random little girl with my Suzy and her little friend Ava.
 They also have a nice picnic area for lunch.  We went with some friends Rob & Marlys, their 3 children, and brought along a friend for Isabella.

   Isabella & Ayla were besties the past 2 years in school, and it was fun to see the little t'weens enjoy the day.
 There are some fun mini dunes at Silver Beach and we had a fun climb and loved the views from the top.
 Lots of walking and exploring around there.....L.O.V.E.  Again...hard to believe we were walking in MICHIGAN!

 We made a walk towards the pier and then let the kids jump.  Yep! It was cold.  Yep! It was scary.

 Then this little one wanted to try it!!!  Amazing!  They all jumped!!

After pier jumping we walked down the sidewalk a ways to find this....a really fun and huge splash pad.  For fReE!  My favorite....this whole day was free!  Well except for the food we took~what a awesome day.  You gotta check it out! 
I will add that there is a $5 parking fee if you park near the beach.  But that day we didn't have the cash with us. We were going to stop at an ATM...but our friend Rob loaned us a $20, but when we got up to the booth for them to take the parking fee~she didn't have change for a $20 bill so~she let us in for FrEe!  And we returned the unused $20 bill to Rob after we parked.  Sorry Rob you were in the van behind us & had the correct change and had to pay :(

Quote of the day:
Suzy: "Oh no mom!!~you got your hair wet, are you just going to re-do it when we get home?"  

{Is this bad that this is the norm that mama doesn't get her hair wet?}
 Just so you know...some days I do make an exception and brake my rule of washing my hair more than every 2-3 days.  Living on the edge.  I know.   


jason yo said...
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Anonymous said...

Let me try again:) I was logged in under J's name!
So fun to be with you in that sweet town!
Next time lets ride up in our convertibles...especially if we're gonna be in the parade again:)
You are always such fun company~

Mary Kelso said...

I love South Haven. I can usually get dad to go out there with us when we visit and it never disappoints. EXCEPT that I always wish I could bring friends with us. My Nashville friends can't always drop everything and head to Michigan with me so it hasn't happened yet, but I'm still holding out hope. I'll have to try Silver Beach too. Looks beautiful. Oh and the best route home from the beach is through Nottawa with a stop at the Sand Lake Party store, in case you hadn't been told. :)