Monday, July 12, 2010

Kumbaya and other campfire songs we didn't sing

I yi yi yi.....have I been neglecting my peeps. So so sorry. We've been just a tad busy this summer. Hard to believe it's been over a month since I've really written on the good ol' blog. Having Donovan home from work has been something very different for us to learn. The first 6 weeks were not so easy...then after his 6 week check, he was NOT released to back to work.
And has had another 4 weeks off. Although this last 4 weeks were mighty different from the first stint. He now has a walking cast/boot. This is much easier to get around with. His pain is getting better every day....and oh la la. Enjoying summer to the fullest with ol' daddy around. Donovan's next Dr. appt. will be 1 week from tomorrow. By the looks of how he is now able to be on his feet for over an hour at a time...looks like things will come to a halt as far as joy rides during the day, and the sleeping in for me is sure to be interrupted.

There are so many things that have happened in the last in swimming lessons, VBS, Jack turning 8, celebrating Father's day, pool days, trips to Indy, Suzy turning 4, beach days, the list goes on & on. I'm determined to still blog about some of the things...maybe bore you all to tears with some of the things. But how will I remember if I don't blog??

So this past weekend we camped. Not only do we not have a camper, we also do not have a truck to pull a camper with.
So we borrowed a SwEeT camper from our friends Joel & Angela, then borrowed a rockin' Excursion from Al to pull the sweet camper. We also borrowed campfire wood from Donovan's parents, and to top it off borrowed Whitney for the weekend from her parents for Isabella. Thankfully we had our own underwear and clothes.
As soon as we got there Isabella & Whitney found 4 baby birds hopping around on the ground. They named them and played with them...while we set up.

Oops did I say "we" in that last sentence? I meant to say D. I have no idea how to set up a camper people.
This is what I took care of while he set up. Wasn't that nice of Whitney's mom to send along some of my favorite magazines for me??? AND...she also sent along mix & espresso to make frappucino's. Thanks Julie, you are so awesome!!

After setting up camp, I mean after D set up camp...we hit the pool for a little while, then I did something I've never done before. I used a blow dryer on Suzy's hair, & then used a straightening iron on it. Could not believe how long her hair looks when it's not all curly!!! I love how this girl loves to be "dolled" up. She kept patting her head and oh and ahh-ing over her smooth hair. She loved the extra attention.
Our friends who invited us have been making this trip for several years to this same campground. Nearby lies this awesome little restaurant, Marias. They make it tradition to set up camp and then go out to eat the first night. S0 we took the whole gang out & enjoyed leaving the mess for someone else to clean up.
Count em'. 11 kids, 6 adults. Kinda think the staff were a little taken a back with so many kids in one group.
No we didn't eat out again. Breakfast was over the camp fire people. :) Don't you love how the little guy at the corner of the picture is needing a drink??

Enjoying the camp pool again.

My little friends~Suzy, Jade, Ava, and Kiera.

It seems the first 3 pictures D took my eyes were closed each time~here's the one that I worked really hard to keep them OpEn! A little freakish, I know. But look at that sweet little pea I put to sleep. Can I get an Awwwww???

We also rented golf carts...which made for lots of fun.

So very very unusual for this little honey to fall asleep on my lap. But after a long day at the pool, she was worn out. I loved it!!!
After a long pool day~we cleaned up and I found these 2 peas in a pod, chilling. I love that they are friends and enjoy so many of the same things. :)

That evening after supper~we took the kids put put golfing. Can you believe this was the first time my kids ever went??

Love that belly laugh she makes me have.
Conner, Jade, and Suzy.

Someone wanted a picture of just him and his friend Jade. sweet.

I kept looking at these girls and all their little giggles, and sweet faces and getting flash backs to growing up with a best friend from church. So cool to have had Whitney along to give Isabella someone her age to be with.

Contrary to what you may think...this color combo was not planned. Nope~ noticed it after the picture was taken. :) It was so good to get to know Loretta better over the weekend. She has a sweet personality, and is so fun to be around. Plus she's an awesome cook!!
So we were in charge of breakfast Sunday morning. We made pancakes, eggs, sausage patties........
....and put Conway in charge of the bacon. Good job of cooking it over the fire C.
After breakfast I bet you can't guess where we ended up???
More sun & water.
Loved watching the girls doing jumps together. Loved their little games they played.

Jack might have felt a little jealous at times...not having Isabella. But it was so good for Isabella to have such a sweet friend. was so good for our boys to have lots of other boys to play with.

One last spin on the way home from the pool, before the cart had to be turned in. What a weekend...full of great memories.

Quote of the day:
Jack: "I fell, but I'm not hurt. Don't worry about good ol' me. "


My Life said...

I loved your blog Heather....nearly all my summer memories were filled with camping with one of besties from school. We always went with her and her parents and it was a blast and I cherich those memories so much. Love the smell of a campfire and good food cooking over it and lets not forget s'mores!!! :)) We got to go camping sometime. we are old fashion we tent camp....but I would prefer a camper...but throw an air mattress down and it isn't so bad. We used to go to yogi bear campground in fremont...check it out. I love the pic with suzy sleeping on your lap...your face describes how every mom feels when our babies have a baby sweet moment. Glad to have you blogging again...I need to get to work to try to catch up too with mine.ttya soon.

marlys said...

LoVeD reading the blog!! What sweet sweet memories!! I'm so blessed to have you wonderful peeps in my life. =)

marlys said...

LoVeD reading the blog!! What sweet sweet memories!! I'm so blessed to have you wonderful peeps in my life. =)

marlys said...

So glad that got on there twice.

sherri said...

I was amazed at first how much Suzy's hair had grown just in a month since you posted last...then saw that you straightened it. Such a pretty little girly!

Ahhhh....camping. You've really made me excited about this coming weekend when we will be going. Love love love camping....esp. with others that love it as much as I do. Remember our Chain O Lakes weekend before any kids? What on earth did we do with all that extra time?...oh ya, lay on the beach for hours and swim with our hubby's. :)

RosyRose said...

Such fun pictures! Glad you could have such a wonderful time!

wanita said...

Fun post heather:) Also love seeing pictures of friends from 'my back then'! Looks like a delicious kind of summer ♥