Monday, May 31, 2010

flashbacks of the last 3 weeks......

The ways we stay cool.....

Finding ways to grill....

Just loving summer!

Donovan's Dr. appointment last week~The bandage was changed & the staples came out...

And he got a removable boot/cast. YEAH!!

Last week we also got to see my niece, Sierra play her last home game.

And the holiday weekend was off to a great start taking some family pictures & enjoying a family picnic. Can't wait to show you pictures of that....when I get more from the photographer! These are just some samples from my camera. :)

Grandpa and the girls.....

We also spent time with our small group....(cookout #1)

Suzy and her little friend Greta~who like to read and feed their babies.

Julie and her friend those ladies.
Also spent some time with our friends Rob & Marlys (cookout #2) with a side of apple crisp and ice cream~which Donovan is modeling for you.

Does anything scream summer louder than cones with ice cream in them??

Their little honey girl, Ava. Love her!
It was...a perfect evening. With beautiful weather & an impromptu cookout with sweet friends. Don't you love the type of people you can invite your selves over to their house for food & fellowship? L.O.V.E. that!

And cookout #3...My aunt & uncles....we totally scored on the cookouts this weekend!!! Yummy!!!! Did you think that was my plate in the above picture? Um...No. that was crutches boys' plate being delivered. :) Between me and you...I think he's kinda getting used to this treatment.

Suzy modeling her first ever twinkie.

Lots of fun laughing and kicking back. Love these people.

I adore that kind of laugh that makes your cheeks hurt. That happens most of the time around my cousin Steve and his wife Jane.
Thank you crutches boy~for capturing the moment digitally.
And a little baseball....with limp-a-long trying his hardest to play along. Poor thing. See his crutches on either side of him? Still can not put any weight on his foot...but we are 1/2 way through baby! 3 more weeks to go. Looking forward to having him on his 2 feet again.


Cindy said...

Great summer-y pictures! Especially love the laughing one, it just "speaks"! I can't believe that is Sierra ... I remember you bringing that little cutie-pie to the pool. She's still cute, but in a grown-up kind of way. Got more pool chairs today, so Donovan will have a selection to choose from, or he could just play musical chairs while the rest of you enjoy the water!

My Life said...

Hey Girlie, you look like you had a great memorial weekend. Oh my gosh when you called your husband "crutches boy" I laughed hard. Love it. I bet you are exhausted with having to mother everyone in your household, but you are great at it I am sure. We have got to get together sometime soon. Have fun and enjoy any downtime you get :)))) tell crutches boy hello and I hope he gets better soon.

Marlys said...

Loved the great pics!! Yes, what a fun weekend. So GLAD you and your wonderful family came over. LOVED IT!!

Mary said...

Wow, you have been busy. In a wonderfully relaxing sort of way. These pictures are wonderful. A good life makes good pictures doesn't it? Thanks for sharing.