Wednesday, December 23, 2009

not sure cottontail is a baby girls name....

Some of you have asked for house pictures...but honestly we had no Internet for the first 2 weeks of moving in. Torture I know. But even if we would have had Internet, I couldn't find my camera. Which was the real problem. Still haven't found it. We finally broke down and got another one. Which I will not complain about, because honestly I didn't like our last bulky camera. And honestly I'd rather be without my right arm than without a camera. O.K. well not my right arm since I'm right handed...but definitely would rather go without my left hand than be without a camera. Just not so fun to shell out the cash.

Since we moved 2.5 weeks ago....things seem to have gotten a lot easier in some areas. For one...we are back into a routine. Now that we are home more, rather than back and forth having work nights...there is time for the kids to do regular chores. I rather like that aspect.

Jack handles the dishes, Isabella folds most laundry and William as you can see matches and puts away socks. I'm so thankful for space and the room to let them be in their own rooms doing separate jobs.
Another fun thing since moving has been the rediscovery of things that had been packed away for months. Last weekend my sister Holly babysit for us and then stayed the night...which gave her little girl Makayla and our kids some good cousin time.

Don't know if you can tell...but the wedding veil they made for Suzy is made out of bubble wrap. Yes, daddy is proud. (Donovan works for Sealed Air that invented it)
This is looking from the kitchen to the living room area. It's one big room.

Suzy rediscovering treasures that have been unpacked.

Our bedroom.
....and bath.

little sweetness.
One thing that had/has been a challenge since having kids is coats, hats, mittens, school bags, lunch bags, boots, times was a challenge since our kids were old enough to wear the items. HOW do you keep them organized? When building this house we kept this in mind. We took what would have been our laundry room and made it into a mud room for this purpose.
And since hubby was kinda busy contracting this was on the back burner, that is until last weekend.

Look what hubby copied out of a Pottery Barn picture??? I love his skills. Someday I'll get more pictures of how it looks now with all the coats, snow pants, backpacks all neatly tucked away into each of their homes.

Isabella snug in her favorite spot. The girls share a room now. And the boys also share a room.

Instead of 2 sink bowls, I decided to go with one big bowl. Not knowing if down the road I might regret it. We found this sink on a good deal at Lowes. I love it because the only time I wash anything by hand, it is a big pan or cookie sheet that fits very well. My Suzy fits in there well for a bath too. :) So far there are no regrets.

SO thankful for the white Christmas we are having!!!

This is the road coming to our house. Love, Love all the snow. I have to say it like my friend Rose did on facebook.....and I quote,

"How I love you Mr Snow.....You make me happy down to my toes. Remember I only love you in small doses so don't get crazy and stay around until March! Thank you, Your friend(conditionally)"

My feelings exactly.

a rare moment when everyone gets along nice and sweetly.
For Christmas from my secret sister from church I got a fun hot chocolate set for Donovan and I, and for the kids...she gave them a miniture gingerbread kit. I hope you read my blog secret sister. You gave my kids hours of fun with this kit. We loved it!!!!

Some did more eating than decorating which is fun too.

And as if we didn't eat enough gingerbread candy....we got this fun treat from our neighbors. Oh how I love Christmas. I hope you are doing fun traditions and things this week.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

quote of the day:

Donovan was reading Suzy a bedtime story (Beatrice Potter's- Peter Rabbit)
after the story this is what I heard:
Donovan: "Suzy when you were born mommy wanted to name you Peter if you were a boy."
Suzy: "If William was a girl was he going to be Cottontail?"


Mary said...

Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!!! It truly looks fresh and welcoming and perfectly suited for real family time. Love it.

Merry Christmas!!!

Kim said...

Oh Heather, I can't wait to see it in person!!! I love how your kitchen turned out too! :)

Holly said...

Love the quote! I especially love all of your fabulous pictures! I am so happy for you guys that you are "home" again! No better feeling than being at home! Congratulations & Merry Christmas to all of you!

cheryl said...

Mary's right. The new house looks GREAT! Thanks for the mini tour. Merry Christmas as you settle in!

RosyRose said...

Hey friend,
Love all your pics...such a beautiful home you have! Love how you make it a home with all your personal touches!

I feel honored to b quoted;)

Charlotte said...

lovely pictures...thanks for sharing! especially love the ceiling in the Great Room, the cheery open feel and your bedroom/bath. have a very merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful Heather & Donovan! Congratulations!
My girls told me a while back that if I didn't post for a month I would be notified that I'm no longer eligible to were so close to getting kicked off of your blogspot! just kidding! :) It's great to hear from you again!
I have missed reading the quotes of the day! I love them!

Sherri said...

It was great to see the pictures of your beautiful home...even better in person though!! I LOVE everything!! :)

Merry Christmas!

The 5 Bickies said...

Your new home is beautiful! I love the wide open spaces and am so glad you are enjoying it as you get settled.

All the best in the new year to you!

Vintage Country Girl said...

I love your house. It's beautiful! Can Donovan come over and make me some Pottery Barn stuff too?

Julie O. said...

Even though I've seen it in person, I loved looking at the pictures. I need a like button :) Although, I'm disappointed you don't have a picture of your pvc pipe to fill the tub~

angie leverence said...

I just found your blog Heather! How fun. Your new house IS very beautiful...where are you guys now, still somewhere around Sturgis? Enjoy your new home!

wanita said...

love your new house! it's perfect in so many ways! love the cupboards and the living room ceiling esp too. i know what a big deal it is, and how trying it can be for couples to tackle a job like this. =) very,very nice job!

somehow jack made maching socks look like a game. =) he's so cute!