Friday, June 26, 2009

of couse we didn't have real wine...they were only kids.

I grew up going to Bible School. It is a cool memory of mine from childhood. And it's something I want my kids to grow up doing. Last week they did. But this is nothing like I grew up doing in the 80's. My kids took a trip back in time & went to Rome.

They got to go to Paul's house and meet Brutus his house arrest guard (who is asleep in this picture) oops..better not tell the Roman solders, they would be HOT!

They went to visit the underground church and all the danger that went with that. They went to Extollo...which means praise.

The kids also had chariot races.

One of my favorite little Romans.
Another couple of my fav's, in the market place.
Every night the kids were given 3 denarii and could go to the market place to spend them. Several booths were take home projects like the above picture where they could make an abacus.
The stand where I worked was the food shop. Every night we offered rat on a stick (kind of tasted like chicken), snake on a stick (similar to hot dogs), olives, grapes, bread, almonds, dried fruit, or cheese. For drinks we offered wine (watered down of course) or water. The kids could pick one item for one denari. (Did you know back in Bible times...they really did eat rodents???)
They could also visit the metal working shop and make a necklace.
The animal sacrifice shop. Where they could pet a baby deer, goat, lamb, chickens, baby kittens, or a rabbit. Thankfully we had no sacrifices last week. I don't know how we would've gotten blood out of the carpet!
There was also a toga shop, an architect shop, and about 6 others which names escape me now.

My friend Bobbie, came from up north and won the prize for coming the farthest for Bible school. Making a 2 1/2 hour trip to be there. :) I was happy for her help in the food shop. Here she is with her oldest son, Chase.

Donovan was a group/family leader and it was so fun to both be a part of such a special thing at our church. We had some very energetic and creative leaders last week! It went so well and by the end of the week on Friday night we celebrated with a pizza party for the staff of Bible School.

Saturday night we gave Donovan his Father's day gift......

By the looks of it...the gift was a hit! See my wrapping job was a red blanket...caught in mid air in this picture.

Hooray for a homemade ice cream....Suzy looks a little nervous don't you think??

We put it to use the very next day at a Father's day picnic in honor of our favorite dad in this family. We tried out a coffee ice cream recipe. Our new goal for the summer is try making a new flavor every week.
Some things I love about Donovan as a father:
-His ability to make things fun around here when it gets a little mundane.
-The way he will jump and jump on the trampoline with the kids.
-The way he plays with them in the pool so I can take a break.
-The way he makes the beach fun and builds things for them.
-The way he prays with our kids every night at bedtime.
-His silly names he comes up with for the kids.
-His steadfast love and devotion for our family.
-His commitment God, me & his kids.

What a fun weekend! More to come on the rest of the weekend....later.


Holly said...

Bible school looks like a blast & for the ice cream maker~I can't wait to try that out! Delish! You forgot one more thing to add to the list of Donovan's great get along so well with all of his in-laws!!!! His personality....

sherri said...

What a cool bible school theme you they do the same theme every year? We just finished up ours last week too. It's fun to finally have kids old enough to participate.

Great father's day gift!! Can't wait to find out what other flavors you try. How about posting some recipes?? =)